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Spirit on how Afreeca Freecs toppled Griffin: “After our losing streak, we decided to go back to the basics and improve on our fundamentals.”

Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

Congratulations on the victory. It had been 6 days since your last match against Griffin (When Afreeca Freecs lost against Griffin) and many fans expected Afreeca to have a difficult time again, but you’ve come back so strongly.

Spirit: We’ve lost several matches in a low, and this caused the atmosphere in the team to go down. So we tried to encourage each other, and I’m just glad we’ve won today.

Kiin: After our losing streak, we decided to go back to the basics and improve on our fundamentals. I think this has yielded good results.

Afreeca Freecsimpressive performance today.

Kiin: We stepped into the booth with a willingness to learn and improve our gameplay. It feels to be able to go back to our teamhouse with a victory under our belt.

Kiin, you seemed constantly focus on Viper’s Lucian throughout the games. It seemed to surpress Griffin effectively. Was that a team strategy.

Kiin: Because it was a funnel comp, Lucian was the only fed champion in the match. I thought I should focus down on Lucian, and trust my teammates to finish him off.

Funnel comps are a very hotly discussed topic in League at the moment. What’s your thought on funnel comp?

Spirit: I think funnel comp itself is good, but my teammates never let me be the center of the funnel because I’ve thrown too often previously. (Laughs)

Spirit: I think if I carry 10 more times from now, maybe they’ll let me be the carry for once.

Kiin, you are currently sitting on 9 solo kills in top lane. That’s a highest number among all LCK top laners at the moment.

Kiin: I used to draft a lot of tank champions, but recently I’ve been playing agressive champions more. I think that has led me to land solo kills frequently.

And play aggressively you’ve certainly have been, Gangplank, Darius…What did you feel when the opponent team banned Darius?

Kiin: I thought….Well, is my Darius that good?

After Rift Rivals, teams in LCK has been inspired to play Kled. Kled is picked for both top and mid lanes. What’s your personal verdict of Kled, Kiin?

Kiin: I think Kled’s performance really depends on the team’s overall draft. If you build your team’s draft around Kled, Kled can certainly be a good champion.

Spirit, Kindred is such a high priority pick in LCK at the moment.

Spirit: I think Kindred’s prioritized because they are really fun to play with. The most fun champion to play out of all the jungler champions. So junglers always request to play Kindred, regardless of the comp.

Your next game is against BBQ. Any final words or resolutions for your next match?

Kiin: It feels very satisfying to break our losing streak. I want to continue this good momentum.

Spirit: There is a heat wave in Seoul today. I’d like to thank fans who have come to support us despite the heat, and I think we’ve won because of the fans’ support. Our next match is againt BBQ Olivers. We’ll boil them into a chicken soup!



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