DWG ShowMaker on laning against Kiin: “Great laners have an aura around them. The way he moved, the way he used his skillshots, they were all good.”

This is a Post-Match MVP Interview with Nuclear and ShowMaker, after DAMWON Gaming’s victory against Afreeca Freecs on the 2nd of March.

ShowMaker, in a previous interview you said that you will be winning every match for the rest of the LCK. Do you think you are making good progress on that goal so far?

ShowMaker: We lost the first game so we were in a bit of a danger, but we managed to pull ourselves back together and win the rest of the match.

Nuclear, how are you feeling?

Nuclear: To be honest, yesterday, all the teammates had poor health. The coaching staff even took me to the hospital between the practices. They watched over me, and I think that has led to today’s good result.

ShowMaker you would have been especially confused. For the first game, Brook laned in the mid lane for Afreeca Freecs. For the second game, we saw Kiin come to the mid lane and for the third game, we saw you lane swap to top lane yourself. How was that experience? 

ShowMaker: When I first heard that Brook was coming to mid I felt all cold. Then they even lane swapped. We took our revenge on them by lane swapping ourselves in the third game.

You got to lane against Kiin today. How was that?

ShowMaker: He has class. He is extremely good. Great laners have an aura around them. The way he moved, the way he used his skillshots, they were all good.

Nuclear, in game two you gave up Lucian to the opposing team. How was that?

Nuclear: We tried different matchups during practices, and decided that we just have to play confidently no matter what the matchup is. I trusted the coaching staff. The coaching staff recommended Ezreal and Tahmn Kench.

ShowMaker, you played Irelia, which can be a risky pick. It was your first time playing Irelia in the LCK. What led you to that decision?

ShowMaker: The opposing laner, Brook, was a top laner. They seemed to focus on banning mid lane champions out because of that. We just played whatever champion remaining that wasn’t banned out.

Nuclear, in the third game you played Lucian that the opposing team had previously taken away, and showed good performance on him. How was laning with Lucian?

Nuclear: I was renowned as a Lucian master a long time ago, so I think I could play confidently.

Your draft during game three was amazing. You took Yasuo away, and as soon as Renekton was picked by the opposing team you responded with Kennen. Who came up with such innovative drafts?

ShowMaker: Every part of our drafts today was controlled by Coach Kim. He is truly a captain. He is the best.

DAMWON Gaming is continuing its win streak. Even you yourself would not have expected such a win streak. What are your resolutions from here?

ShowMaker: We will try to win all remaining matches.

Nuclear: Didn’t know that we would win 6 games in a row. Now that we are here, we will work hard to rise even higher in the rankings.


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