Score becomes the first player in the LCK to have played 500 games

Go 'Score' Dong-bin, the jungler of KT Rolster. Image Source: Riot Games

Go “Score” Dong-bin has made history by becoming the first player in the LCK to have played five hundred matches in his career. The jungler played his 500th game on the second game of the series against SANDBOX Gaming, for the 2019 spring split, held at LoL Park.

A staple name in the LCK, Score first began his career as a professional League of Legends player as an AD carry in 2012 under StarTale. In October 2012 Score transferred to KT Rolster, developing into the organization’s franchise player in the years that followed.

Now 26, Score has netted multiple achievements over the years. The player has attended two World Championships and most recently won the 2018 LCK summer split, the first LCK title for the long-serving player.


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