HLE Sangyoon talks about his 1000th kill in the LCK and more

Image Source: Riot Games

First of all, congratulations on your 1000th kill. How are you feeling at the moment, Sangyoon?

Sangyoon: I am happy about my 1000th kill but I’m even happier about the 2-0 victory.

Why is that so?

Sangyoon: You can land your 1000th kill at your next match if not this one, or the one after. However, a match result, once it happens, can never be undone. So I think the victory itself is more important.

That being said, I’m happy that I’m the first player to land my 1000th kill in LoL Park. You might think it’s trivial, but it’s something that makes me really happy.

You also had the chance to land your 1000th kill in game one, however it almost looked like you were staying away from the fights.

Sangyoon: I did have a chance to get the 1000th kill on the first game, but Thal kept telling me to go top. Maybe he didn’t want to give me the 1000th kill. There were fights happening in the bot lane but Thal just kept insisting that I go to top, and in the end, I never achieved my 1000th kill. It’s all Thal’s fault.

He takes all the jungle mobs, he wants everything for himself. He’s greedy.

In Patch 9.3, the AD carry items have gone through a change. Today, you picked Ashe two times in a row. Is this related to the recent patch in any way?

Sangyoon: I don’t particularly think the AD carries have become significantly better after the recent patch. As for Ashe, she is still the same, be it Patch 9.2 or Patch 9.3. So I just locked her in.

Gen.G has prepared a 0 cs Karma top, and Hanwha Life Esports countered her well with a Vladimir top pick. Did you specifically prepare a counter against that pick?

Sangyoon: In practices, we’ve tried out Vladimir versus Karma in the top lane. Yes, Vladimir will keep losing gold. However, we also believed that even with getting all the gold stolen, in the late game Vladimir will just be better, so we thought that regardless, Vladimir is a better pick.

You’ve finished the year in 6th place a few times now. Any thoughts on that? Does that motivate you to do even better this year?

Sangyoon: So I’ve finished 6th place in the LCK the last two years. For both years, it was a very close 6th place too. There is an indescribable regret surrounding that. Now that I’m older, every split feels even more precious. So I need to focus even more.


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