GEN Ruler in his MVP interview: “While I am displeased with my performance today, I am happy about taking the win.”

On the 31st of January, Gen.G eSports won against KT Rolster in a close 2-1 series. Making it their second win of the season, they have shown signs of recovery after their 3 game losing streak at the start of the split. They will be facing Kingzone DragonX next Sunday.

Gen.G’s AD Carry Ruler was interviewed following their win.


You have managed to come back in the second and third game after your loss at first. Could you tell us how you feel after your victory?

Ruler: While I am displeased with my performance today, I am happy about taking the win.

Your opponent focused bot lane from early on, and you played Ezreal in all 3 games against them. Could you tell us about that?

Ruler: I knew Zenit was good at non-ADC champions, so I picked Ezreal. I had other champions available, but I chose Ezreal in the end.

There was a moment during the series, where there was a dangerous moment with the team defending the base. Did you feel any pressure about losing there?

Ruler: At that moment, I thought, along with my teammates, that we could definitely defend that.

What kind of calls were there

Ruler: I think there was “kill them all”, but I am not sure.

That was the second game. Now, for the third game, there was a lot of back and forth. At what moment did you expect victory?

Ruler: For the third game, I can’t remember well due to the long pauses. I think I will have to see the moment on the screen.

You have won after a long, close series. Were there any especially difficult or regrettable moments?

Ruler: I don’t think my performance was good enough during this series, so I am sorry to my teammates. I want to play with no slumps.

Your teammates have been relying on you, to the point the term, “Ruler ending” was made. What do you think?

Ruler: My team consists of players that are all good, so I don’t have such thoughts. I play under the assumption that as long as I do well, we can win.

In the last interview, there was talk about the synergy of the bot lane. How was today with Life?

Ruler: Today was just normal in terms of synergy.

You said there were moments which you regret. Could you tell us one moment which you feel the most regret?

Ruler: I made individualistic mistakes, which I will have to work on.

Today is Roach’s birthday. Would you like to say congratulations?

Ruler: In truth, I’m not sure why I was given MVP, but I take it as my team playing that well. Since we won on [Roach’s] birthday, I hope we can have something delicious together.

Today, Gen.G’s officials visited to watch. Were you nervous about it?

Ruler: A bit, but I thought they would like to see us win, so I think we tried harder.

Your next matchup is Kingzone DragonX. If you win, you get the chance to raise your rankings. Any words going into it?

Ruler: Honestly, if I play the way I did today, we will have a tough time, but I will make sure to come back improved and better than ever.


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