Rookie regarding PVB at MSI: “Whenever PVB got a kill, or a good situation occurred for them, they would get cheers from the audience in return, which was quite loud [laughs].”

Rookie after their match against Phong Vũ Buffalo. Image Source: Riot Games

We will be interviewing Invictus Gaming’s Rookie, who has just recently won his match against Phong Vu Buffalo. Congratulations on your first victory of the Group stage. How do you feel?

Rookie: We did win, but it’s not a win we are too happy about. We showed many areas to improve on, and there will be a lot of feedback about it within the team. Since it was our first game in a few weeks, we showed some plays that were lacking, which is worrying.

Phong Vu Buffalo, as the favorite of the home crowd, did show performance which Invictus Gaming seemed to have been struggling against in some points of the game. What aspects of PVB made you struggle the most?

Rookie: Our macro wasn’t as perfect as we wanted, which I think I was the biggest problem. Also, PVB plays a very fearless style, a playstyle which they share with us iG. I think we were put behind due to those valiant plays they make. We also made some mistakes early on, which allowed their team to push forward with the advantages.

Since matches are done in Vietnam, PVB has the support of the Vietnamese crowd. The cheers have been quite deafening. Was their support an outside factor?

Rookie: Whenever PVB got a kill, or a good situation occurred for them, they would get cheers from the audience in return, which was quite loud [laughs]. While we didn’t feel too great whenever it happened since we still had confidence in our late game, we were able to hold on to our mentality while playing.

As last year’s World Champion, there is a high level of expectation for you coming into this year’s MSI. Do you have any last words for the fans?

Rookie: I will be thankful if the fans cheer for me since this is my first MSI. I would like to show a good performance in return though I am afraid I might not be able to. I will be grateful for support from fans.

Finally, your next game will be against G2 Esports, who has recently defeated SK Telecom T1. Do you have anything to say beforehand?

Rookie: In G2, there are two players that I met in last year’s World Championship, Perkz and Caps. While I want to say that I beat them handily in Worlds multiple times and that I don’t have any worries, since they are the representatives from Europe they are a team that can not be underestimated, with their innovative plays and their exceptional skirmishes and teamfighting. As long as we play the way we usually do, I think we have good chances of winning.


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