DWG Punch regarding his playstyle: “Ever since we got our coach [Kim] from iG, we’ve been playing more aggressively”

Damwon Gaming has made their way back to top 5 in LCK after defeating Jin Air Greenwings. The playmaking abilities of Heo “ShowMaker” Su and Son “Punch” Min-hyuk Damwon was able to triumph over their opponents, receiving MVPs for today’s series.

ShowMaker and Punch have been interviewed by Riot Korea after their match.

We will be meeting with the MVPs of today’s series, ShowMaker and Punch. 

Could you tell us about the team’s victory today?

ShowMaker: I am glad I was able to keep the promise I made last time – That I will continue this win streak. Since we were able to have a clean victory – well, not necessarily the first set – I am quite glad.

Punch, today you’ve played your first series in the 2019 Spring Split. Did you have any concerns coming into today’s match?

Punch: I did feel a bit nervous. However, since I’ve been playing as a professional gamer for such a long time, it didn’t affect me too much.

Damwon Gaming managed to secure 5th place, entering the Western League. How do you feel Punch?

Punch: Our team believes we can go even higher instead of being satisfied with our current placing. So I believe we must rise up more [in the ranking].

ShowMaker, you played LeBlanc in the first two games, even blind picking her at one point. Does the team encourage you to play LeBlanc?

ShowMaker: I usually favor the LeBlanc pick, and she seems to be quite a good pick recently. So the team as a whole seemed to trust [my pick].

What do you think are the advantages of LeBlanc in the lane?

ShowMaker: She is not bad in 1v1 situations. With the E skill, she is quite good at creating ganking opportunities.

In the first game, Jin Air was winning the majority of teamfights, so the game wasn’t working out [for Damwon]. What do you think went wrong?

ShowMaker: We as a whole performed badly in teamfights today, going even in fights that we should have won.

With the LeBlanc pick, you were able to resolve the situation. Were there any thoughts behind that?

ShowMaker: Everyone looked a bit tired, so I made sure that I, myself, at least concentrate even more.

The play where you picked off Viktor as you backed away after grabbing the Baron was especially memorable. When you did so, did you know the enemy team had no vision?

ShowMaker: Yes, since we had already cleared sight on that area of the map, we knew there was no vision. Actually, I think I could have gotten even more kills.

Punch, you picked Olaf in both games this series, while historically you have picked Lee Sin. What were the thoughts behind the Olaf pick?

Punch: I thought that our opponents would be wary of the Olaf pick, so we thought about what we will pick if Lee Sin is banned or taken away. I thought that with [the Olaf pick] I would be able to do well today, so we ended up picking Olaf twice in a row.

You frequently ganked the lanes, helping out all of them out. Did you specifically aim to do so as you headed into the second game?

Punch: I just went with the flow, and since my laners were doing so well, I was able to take advantage of the situation.

Punch, your jungle playstyle seems to be quite aggressive. What do you think about your own playstyle?

Punch: Originally, I was more comfortable making plays that simply counter the opponents. However, ever since [Kim] from iG started coaching us, the team has been focusing more on playing more aggressively, which has also changed my own playstyle.

With Sivir and Viktor being more prominent in this meta, there have been concerns over game times extending. Do you agree with the sentiment, ShowMaker?

ShowMaker: I think the game goes on longer. In scrims, it would usually end faster, but not anymore recently.

What is the difference in strategy as the game goes longer?

ShowMaker: Champions that are great in the early game will benefit from shorter game time. As the game goes longer, champions that scale like Sivir and Viktor will be better.

What did you say to Aries after the end of game one?

ShowMaker: I asked why he was playing so badly. I am friends with him, so I said it in a joking tone. He was quite nervous, using up tissues because of sweat.

Punch, the team’s next series will be against Hanwha Life Esports. Do you have any resolutions going into the match?

Punch: HLE is a formidable team, so we will make sure to win so that we can climb up higher in the ranking. We will try our best so please cheer for us!

ShowMaker, you said you will win your next series last time. Do you have anything to add to that?

ShowMaker: Yes, we will make sure that we win the last remaining series of round one and proceed to round two with a three-match win streak.

Thank you for the interview!



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