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Press Conference with KT Rolster, the 2018 LCK Summer Champions

KT Rolster, congratulations on the win. You are the LCK Summer Split Champions. How are you guys feeling at the moment?

Score: OGN has birthed LCK, and today is the last LCK final produced by OGN. I’m glad to have won LCK at least once, between the beginning and the end of the OGN era.

Smeb: I’d like to thank the fans, the coaching staff and everyone in the team.

Ucal: I’ve always wanted to match Faker’s career, so this feels like the beginning of that journey; I’m happy.

Deft: Our team had a hard time after suffering defeats last year. We’ve gained confidence through Summer and Worlds.

Mata: People said that we weren’t “desperate” enough for LCK we had qualified for Worlds already. We have shown our desperation today; it was always there because we were never able to win LCK.

Score, in Game 5 Galio took the Baron. If you had gotten Baron stolen by Griffin, the game may had been stolen by Griffin.

Score: Taliya did not have her ult or Flash, so we began trying for the Baron with a confidence that we can take it. I flopped my Smite, but when Galio took the Baron for me I thought maybe today is the day.

Smeb, in the first 3 Games it looked like you were having a difficult time.

Smeb: I didn’t have a good start to the day. I haven’t practised many games on Aatrox, and I made a few mistakes. I’m sad to have shown bad performance. My teammates were playing so well that I was trying to ride on the overall performance of the team.

At Game 4, managed to turn a hugely unfavourable game around to KT’s victory, even when everyone watching was so sure that Griffin had the game.

Smeb: It was a difficult game. We only began to have a glimmer of hope when we realized that we could win teamfights when we focus on Malphite. We took advantage of this and continued to gain a lead.

KT Rolster in the booth after Game 4 of LCK finals. Photo Credit: Laura Beaty/Twitter@laurabeaty8

Deft, you will next be heading into Worlds and be facing LPL teams, who are known to have very powerful bot-lanes. What is your personal expectation around facing LPL teams and their bot-lanes?

Deft: It is true that LPL teams play very aggressively especially in the bot lane; that is the Chinese style, to funnel their resources to the bot lane. When we go against LPL teams, we will play our style. I think much will depend on picks and bans when we face an LPL team.

Score, you’ve been the “second-place” player for 70-odd months. Do you have any words to the Griffin players who have just suffered a second-place defeat at the finals today?

Score: First of all, I’ve been to a few 2nd places. As a fellow professional gamer, I know that coming second place is always bitter. However Griffin should remember that they are the leaders of the new generation, so I hope that they are not too disheartened. Even if they came second place today, I believe that I think they will continue to do well. I hope that they lead the coming generation well. Not against our team, though.

You’ve promised to dye your hair read if you win the LCK…

Score: I promised to do so, so of course, I will dye my hair red.

Mata, you and Deft – the bot-lane for KT – picked Xayah and Rakan at Game 5.

Mata: When Griffin took Gragas and Taliyah, we were certain that they were picks for support and jungle. To counter this, we picked a bot-duo that has a strong lane phase as well as powerful CC. It were the picks that we’ve practised often and could play at any moment’s notice.

Ucal, you will next be playing at Worlds. Are there any particular team or players that you are looking forward to going against?

Ucal: I’d like to play against LPL mid-laners. I’d love to face Xiaohu, Doinb and Rookie in particular. Xiaohu because he’s the mid-laner for RNG; Doinb and Rookie because they are Korean players who have made difference in China. Also, LPL has very high standards of performance at the moment.

Score, who is the MVP for today’s finals in your opinion?

Score: I think Game 4 was what turned the day around for us. Smeb came up with the idea to focus on Malphite, and I think that made a big difference. I’d say the MVP in my mind would be Smeb.

Everyone is talking about LPL’s performance at the moment. KT Rolster is seen as the hope of LCK as it is perceived as a strong team against LPL

Smeb: As of the moment, LPL is showing a very remarkable performance. However, we are sure of our own strengths as we go into Worlds. It’s important to not only win against LPL but also win Worlds.


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