KZ Pawn regarding his former teammates: “If my health was better, they would have never played over me. I’ll drive the nail in that coffin this time.”

Deft and PawN are the MVPs of today's match against KT Rolster. Image Source: Riot Games.

Kingzone DragonX defeats KT Rolster, confirming themselves for playoffs with today’s results. With pressure to escape playing in the promotion tournament, KT Rolster swapped out veteran toplaner Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho in favor of their young talent Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon. However, despite the bold roster change, they were unable to transition it into an upset, losing 0-2.

Riot Korea interviewed Heo “PawN” Won-seok and Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu following the match.

Congratulations on your victory today. PawN, this is your first MVP of the split. Can you tell us how you feel?

PawN: Initially, I thought that Deft would receive MVP for the first game since he reached his 1000th kill in LCK. However, when I was announced as the MVP of the game, I realized that it was all fair and square.

You have narrowly missed out on several MVPs this season. Wasn’t it disappointing, or were you glad since it meant your teammates were doing well?

PawN: While it was a bit disappointing, the players that got nominated were ones that stood out more compared to me. I wasn’t particularly upset about it.

Deft, with your 1000th kill in LCK, you reclaimed your first place ranking in MVP points. Tell us about the match today.

Deft: While we did manage to claim victory today, I’m slightly disappointed since I feel I made quite a few mistakes in both games.

PawN, we talked about how you constantly assess yourself and give feedback on the analyst desk.

PawN: Personally, after a match, win or lose I tried to see where I did well and see what area I can improve upon.

There has been word that your synergy with your jungler has been improving. Do you agree with that sentiment?

PawN: It has been a few months since we started playing together. Since both Cuzz and I are good players, I think we are a good fit together.

It has been mentioned that thanks to Rascal’s champion pool, the flex potential when picking for mid and top allow Kingzone to benefit in the pick and ban.

PawN: Since Rascal is able to play most champions in the top lane, if a counter to our opponent’s top lane was picked [initially picked with intention of going mid], Rascal was willing to play it in top lane, while I get to counter pick in the mid lane.

In the second game, Deft picked Kog’maw, which was quite awe-inspiring. Was it picked as a counter to Vayne?

Deft: Most counters to Vayne are the ones with range advantage over her. Out of those counters, I was confident in Kog’maw the most today, which was why it was picked.

Since Kog’maw lacks mobility in its kit, there are some limits to what the champion can do. How were you planning on overcoming those weaknesses?

Deft: Most champions that lack mobility have some weaknesses, but as long as Kog’maw is able to withstand focus from the enemy team, he would be able to sweep all over his opponent. However, there was a moment where I made some mistakes and I was not able to survive.

Were you expecting to get your 1000th kill today?

Deft: Before I came here, I expected to reach my 1000th kill in the match today. I’m a bit disappointed that my 1000th kill wasn’t Smeb though.

It seems that your teammates were actively trying to get you kills in the games today.

Deft: Since winning is the most important thing when we get in the match, I don’t believe they were trying to give me kills [for the 1000th kill]. I believe they were trying to since I was the AD carry.

In the second game, there were few mistakes while trying to finish the series. There was a moment where you took a curious Ryze ult.

PawN: I think because it was such a high-pressure situation, we got a bit hyped. After saying that we could probably bring the minions [in the top lane] all the way to the nexus towers through Ryze ult, we were planning on sending just the minions there. However, there was a bit of a misunderstanding in the communication and everyone decided to ride the ult. I should have been clearer in what I was trying to say.

Your next match will be against Afreeca Freecs. They have been showing some good results recently. How will you prepare for the match going into it?

PawN: Their mid laners, Ucal and SSUN, used to be my teammates. If my health was better, they would have never played over me. I’ll drive the nail in that coffin this time.

Deft: Since they don’t play the same role as me…we will do our best to win against them.

Can we expect any surprise picks in your next match?

Deft: Yes, given the chance, I will…


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