GRF Lehends on his Braum pick: “I like playing Braum, but Viper doesn’t like anything I play. So, I am thinking about giving up and just playing whatever I want.”

On the 31st of January, Griffin defeated SK Telecom T1 with a 2-0 series, reclaiming their first place spot from Sandbox Gaming. The matchup had been hyped since the start of LCK, the young, talented roster of Griffin going against the newly rebuilt SKT, consisting of veterans and aces from other LCK teams. The match concluded in Griffin’s favor today.

Griffin’s top laner and support, Choi “Sword” Sung-won and Son “Lehends” Si-woo were interviewed following their win.

We will be meeting with Sword and Lehends, who have received their first MVP.
There are a lot of fans present today to cheer for you. Could you tell us how you feel after the win?

Sword: We are two players that have not received MVPs before, so I am glad about receiving it.

Lehends: I wasn’t receiving MVP no matter what I did, so I was wondering if I have to pull out the Blitzcrank. It’s a relief that I managed to get MVP today, and I feel good about it.

Sword, there have been talks that you are quite different from last year, where you played quite well last season, but this year, you are showing another level.

Sword: I don’t believe there were any changes. I played the way I usually do. I believe it’s due to improvement in teamwork.

Let’s talk about the first game. In the ban phase, it was mainly focused on the bot lane. Lehends, could you tell me the strategy behind it?

Lehends: Honestly, for the bans, we were trying to fit together [comps], and since our opponents were quite good at those picks, we were also focused on banning them out.

Unlike previous games, where an aggressive early game was present, there was more focus on macro and rotations. Could you tell me about that?

Sword: There wasn’t much strategy behind it. We were just playing the early game, and I think our opponents played well. With no kills occurring it was bound to go half and half, to be decided in the teamfight. We were quite confident about our teamfights, so we didn’t get frustrated, and won through teamfight.

Tarzan was well known to gank frequently, but today focused on his growth. Were there any comments regarding that [in the team]?

Sword: Not really. We just trusted Tarzan’s play and stayed quiet.

Today’s Sion was amazing, your most picked, with 6 games played, all wins. Is there a reason you prioritize the Sion pick?

Sword: Sion fits our team’s color well, with the champion’s ability to look for angles in fights and initiate, we really like that and pick it often.

There was a moment [during the series] where you [during Sion ult] swerved towards Teddy in the mid lane and managed to get his flash. Are you confident about your driving skills?

Sword: Since I played Sion many times, to the point I was getting a bit tired of it, I made that play with the thought that I could do it with my driving.

Let’s talk about the second game. I will ask Lehends. In the second game, you let go of Cassiopeia, a powerful champion. What was the thought behind that?

Lehends: In the bot lane, I talked to Viper a lot, and both of us said we would be able to handle any picks, so I think there was some confidence there.

You played Braum in both games. What do you think about the champ? Do you like it?

Lehends: I like playing Braum, but Viper doesn’t like anything I play. So, I am thinking about giving up and just playing whatever I want.

If Viper doesn’t like whatever champion you play, what kind of pick do you think will make him happy?

Lehends: Maybe something like Blitzcrank as punishment.

Sword, while heading into the second game, was there any special talks?

Sword: Not really, the Head Coach [cvMAX] just said I did well.

I’m guessing no feedback as a reward for doing well?

Sword: No, there will be plenty of feedback, but since [cvMax] is happy today, he might be more lenient.

Today Chovy managed to achieve KDA of 104. Did Chovy mention anything about wanting to reach 100 before the series?

Sword: Chovy really doesn’t think about the KDA. We have to tell him for him to take notice. However, reaching 104, he would be really happy about that.

Lehends, please give a congratulations message.

Lehends: I hope [Chovy] dies 2 or 3 times so that we can match his KDA.

The next match will be the first place decider between Sandbox Gaming and Griffin. How are you going to prepare?

Sword: We will maintain our own style, and look to come back, better than ever.

Lehends: We will be trying our best against every team.

Thank you for the interview.


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