KT’s UmTi on his drastic Lunar New Year resolution: “I was going to shave my head then bury myself at home … just focus on climbing solo q.”

Photo taken by Ashley Kang for Korizon

On the 2nd of February, KT Rolster finally claimed its second victory of the 2019 LCK Spring Split. KT Rolster subbed in the team’s younger players, Kingen and UmTi, and defeated Afreeca Freecs with a 2-0 match score. KT Rolster is now on two wins and four losses and sits at 7th place of the LCK standings.

After KT Rolster’s victory, Ashley Kang interviewed the team’s jungler Eom “UmTi” Seong-hyeon about how the team found new hope through the period of underperformance, his plans for the one week Lunar New Year break and the difference in playstyle between him and Score.

Congratulations on KT’s much-sought victory, UmTi. How are you feeling at the moment?

We had lost a few games recently before today. Personally, I wanted to take some load off of Score and help the team. I feel that with today’s victory I’ve managed to achieve this, so I’m happy.

It is true that KT Rolster has been underperforming recently. How did the team deal with this period? How did the players collectively attempt to lift the team spirit?

We tried to keep believing in our own team values. I think our coaching staff played a very big part in this. They provided a direction for the team. Also, Score was there for us as the team’s supportive spirit. I’d like to give credit to the coaching staff and Score-hyung.

Today, KT Rolster showed the younger iteration of its roster. In the top lane, Kingen subbed in instead of Smeb, and you played as the jungler. How was the dynamic of the team, and do you think that helped with KT’s victory?

[Me and Kingen] subbing in was less of a strategic choice. It was more to change the atmosphere of the games around. I wouldn’t say that [I and Kingen] have better performance than the other players. We are just in the process of getting our teamwork together.

You are indeed sharing the jungler’s position with the legendary Score. How do your playstyles differ?

Score plays the game almost completely calculated. As for me, I am the type of player that tries to catch a moment’s opening through a calculative thought process. Going for these openings also means sometimes I fail, so I’d say I am a high-risk high-reward player, while Score tends to focus on making zero risks in his plays.

This is still early in the Spring Split. KT Rolster, of course, could bounce back in the rankings throughout the rest of the split. What do you think the team has to do in order to go even higher in the LCK standings?

We have to continue doing what we are doing, trust the coaching staff and follow their direction. We have to band together as a team and believe that we are indeed capable. If we do, I think [we can go even higher].

Now that the Lunar New Year holidays are upon us, what are your personal plans? Do you perhaps plan to practise even during the holidays? 

There was a plan, however, it has changed now. If we had lost [the match] today, I was going to shave my head and find my resolutions. I was going to shave then bury myself at home alone during the holidays, just focus on climbing solo q. We’ve won today, so perhaps I won’t be shaving. However, I’ll still grind solo q and allow time for myself to find my resolutions.

Thank you for this interview. Finally, would you be able to share your resolutions for the rest of the Spring Split ahead?

We had a bad start to the spring split. However, we are a team with long-term goals focused on the future. So please continue watching us. To the fans who have supported us through all this time, thank you so much.

Photo taken by Ashley Kang for Korizon


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