KT Smeb on double MVP: “I cancelled my teleport, and noticed that Jax was in front of me; so I killed him”

Song “Smeb” Gyung-ho was the star of the night at the latest iteration of Telecom War. KT Rolster took a convincing 2-0 victory against SK Telecom 1 in Round 2 of LCK Spring Split. At the centre of it was Smeb, who took home double MVP with Gnar on Game 1 and Camille on Game 2.

After the games, OGN interviewed Smeb and discussed his performance on Camille, the statues of the meme “Choonmille” and some friendly banter against his teammates, Score and Deft.


Smeb, in game two you went as Camille against Jax. A lot of weight would have been on your shoulder after pick & ban.

Smeb: It was a bit of a weight on my shoulder, but I also believed that our team had drafted a composition that could support me on Camille pick. So I played with my faith in Dong-bin hyung (Score), and I think it worked out well.

A lot of people call your Camille “Choonmille”, an icon of throwing. I also heard your coaching staff can sometimes be nervous about your Camille. What’s your thought on this?

Coach: As of last year, whenever Smeb would lock in Camille we could see his fingers shake a little. However, this year, the entire team’s form has stepped up; and we’ve seen fewer mistakes from Smeb’s Camille. Smeb is the player that can create super plays from Camille.

At Game 2, we saw some amazing plays from your Camille. There was a highlight moment at bot lane when you chased down the opponent’s Jax over a wall and killed him.

Smeb: At that moment, I was actually concerned that Score may not be able to go over the wall and complete the chase. (Laughs) I did flinch at that moment, but Score did make it. However, even if Score hadn’t cross the wall, I would have killed Jax.

“I was actually concerned that Score may not be able to go over the wall!” Score laughs, recounting his chase with Untara’s Jax. Source: OnGameNet

Score played Olaf as if he’s been possessed today. Weren’t you happy with his plays as a teammate? As a top-jungle partner?

Smeb: Yeah, Score really “flies around” these days. (Laughs) I think he’s a promising player.

Promising; you do realize that Score is a veteran, right.

Smeb: (Laughs) Score has been doing well, I have a lot of trust in Score.

In Game 2, you also had another moment when you cancelled a teleport and then killed Jax that was trying to stop your teleport, resulting in your team profiting at both the top and the bottom.

Smeb: I was looking at the bot lane (At the teamfight) as I was teleporting, and it looked like it was safe for me to cancel it, so I did. I switched the screen back to me and I noticed that Jax was in front of me. So…I killed him. (Laughs)

Recently, Deft has reached No.1 in Korean SoloQ. Doesn’t that motivate you in any way?

Deft has a lot of MVP points under his belt now, and he’s also made it to No.1 in Korean SoloQ. Deft thinks he’s good now; keeps trying to convince me that he is. I still think Deft has a long way to go – He should try harder!


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