KT Rolster Score celebrates 6th Debut Anniversary

Screengrab via SpoTV

On February 26th, KT Rolster took a 2-1 victory against Jin Air Greenwings, solidifying the team’s position in Playoff qualifications. The win was not KT Rolster’s only reason to celebrate this day, however. February 26th was also the 6th debut anniversary of Go “Score” Dong-bin, KT Rolster’s jungler.

Score appeared on the stage in a full celebration suit, wearing a birthday hat and blowing a party horn. Upon asked about his feelings for 6th debut anniversary, Score said: “I’d never seen myself playing professionally for 6 years. But now that I am here, I plan to continue to play in 2017, 2018, 2019; so please continue supporting me. Thank you!

Score’s career goes back to the dawn of LCK. Score debuted in 2012 February 26th, when he joined StarTale under the name “Joker” where he played as a top laner. When StarTale disbanded he was recruited by KT Bullets alongside Ryu and Mafa. It was then when changing his position to AD carry and picking up a new name – “Score“.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, Score continued his career competing alongside other legendary AD carry names such as PraY, Imp, Cpt.Jack and Woong. Score was nicknamed “The Survival King” and sometimes “Score the Cowardly”, for his very safe, survival-oriented playstyle.

Screengrab via OnGameNet

In 2015, KT Arrows and KT Bullets were merged into a single team, KT Rolster. Arrow became the AD carry of this new unified team, and Score changed his position into jungler. Since then, Score has been the unfaltering pillar of the new KT Rolster team, with his consistent performance in the jungle, large champion pool and versatile playstyle.

KT Rolster turned heads in 2017 when the team decided to upgrade its roster, creating a “super-team”. Keeping Score, the team also recruited Mata and PawN, former Worlds Champions; Deft, one of the greatest aggressive-style AD carry in the history; and Smeb, two-times LCK split MVP. The dubbed “super-team” delivered below expectation in 2017 when the team did manage to qualify for 2017 Worlds.

KT Rolster in LCK Spring 2017 – dubbed “super-team” for its Tier 1 roster. Screengrab from OnGameNet

KT Rolster and Score are looking rewrite this unfortunate history as the team returns to LCK 2018 with the same roster. KT Rolster and Score are currently sailing away at 2nd place in LCK – Behind Kingzone DragonX. We can expect to see more of Score, the living history of LCK, as he enters his 6th year of professional gaming.


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