KT Rolster finally holds up the cup, Score explains what kept him going for 78 months


How does it feel to have won LCK, Smeb?

Smeb: I performed badly at Game 1 but it feels so good to have won LCK. Others are crying but somehow my eyes are dry; and that is because I know there is a bigger stage to come, Worlds. And…

I didn’t play well, so I will fix it and restore the glory of Korea at Worlds.

Also, by KT winning LCK, Afreeca can also go to Worlds. I saw that Kuro visited the stage today. Congratulations, Kuro; buy me a drink.

Score, you have won LCK after 78 months. People are chanting your name, even the opponent team. It has been 7 years. 

Score: First of all, it’s been such a long time; it’s unreal to have won the LCK finals.

I never gave up and went forward, and I feel like my toils and sweats have finally been rewarded. I will feel even more pride for being a professional gamer from now.

How did you resist the temptation; the temptation to retire?

Score: There have been many fans that supported me, and many teammates that played with me. My teammates are my good friends, and I really wanted to win LCK together with them. I am sorry for all the friends that passed by the team, that I could never win for them.

There were countless times that I had wanted to win. It wrecked me at heart to always be the one to send my teammates off when my team didn’t yield a good performance. Every season, I played with the determination that I would not let my teammates leave the team (again)

After Game 3, I took a stroll and my girlfriend was there to cheer me up. I think I have won because of this; I would like to thank my girlfriend.

Next, we’d like to hear from Ucal.

Ucal: Hello, I am Ucal of KT Rolster.

Ucal, how does it feel to have won LCK; to have “sent Score to Nirvana?”

Ucal: To be honest, I felt a lot of regrets watching KT Rolster and Score in 2017. I really wanted to help Score win the LCK, and “send him to Nirvana”. It feels good to join the team and finally win LCK with him.

I’m looking at Score, and he hasn’t faded away; I guess he hasn’t yet reached Nirvana yet. I guess we have to take him to Worlds to send him to Nirvana.

Finally, Afreeca Freecs and Kuro; thank you so much for helping us out in the past few days.

Deft, how are you feeling right now?

Deft: How I’m feeling right now, uh….

Deft: We’re standing in this high place, and it has taken us a long time to get here, because Score was around (Crowd laughs) There is a saying that “Row the boat while the tide is high”. Now the tide is high, we’ll row the boat very hard.


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