KT and Griffin each make a manifesto promise for when they win LCK finals

On the 4th of September, (KST), the Media Day of 2018 LCK Spring Split Finals was held in the Riot Korea office, Seoul. KT Rolster and Griffin gave their finals resolutions for the LCK finals, which will be held in Incheon, 8th of September.

Each team was asked to make a manifesto promise for when they will the LCK finals. First, Score answered in the behalf of KT Rolster. “I played in the finals a few times, and always lost. However this time, we’ve qualified directly to the finals and many elements are in favor of our victory. We will try not to become complacent. I hope to finally hold up the LCK cup this time.”

As of a manifesto promise to the fans, Score promised “I’ll dye my hair with a different color; let’s go with red. I promise to dye my hair red if I win the finals.”

In return, cvMax gave out his manifesto in the behalf Griffin. “If we win the finals, I promise to also win World Championship.” He answered, to the gasps of crowd in the media room. “There are talks of other international teams that are strong. However, LCK is still the most prestigious region in the world; and all teams in LCK are our teachers. We as a team have learnt a lot, whether we’ve won or lost the day. We absorbed other teams’ strengths and weaknesses in every match.”

cvMax added, “If we win LCK, we will be a distilled essence of LCK, perhaps its ultimate form. We will step into the international stage and show the world the strength of Korea.”



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