KSV looking to grow their squad for LCK Summer Split, scouting for a new top and mid laners

According to Inven eSports, KSV is looking for an additional top and a mid laner. According to the announcement, KSV is looking for someone who can deliver “immediate performance in [LCK] Summer Split”.

It is common for a single League of Legends teams to have multiple substitute players in a single position, often “substituting” players in and out. It is possible that the new KSV players may be expected to share the starting spots with the existing KSV players in their respective positions – CuVee in the top lane and Crown in the mid lane.

The requirements for applying for one of the new roles advertised by KSV are as follows:

  • No history of boosting, cheating or being restricted from playing League of Legends
  • Master tier or above in Korean League of Legends server

KSV is the latest iteration of 2017 World Champions, Samsung Galaxy. At the end of 2017, Samsung Galaxy was acquired by KSV Esports and maintaining its roster of 6 players; CuVee, Ambition, Haru, Crown, Ruler, and CoreJJ. Despite this investment, however, KSV finished Spring Split in a disappointing 5th place and did not qualify for MSI or 2018 Rift Rivals.

Players looking to apply for the new positions may find the full application form in Inven eSports.



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