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Jin Air Greenwings Grace after the team’s losing streak: “I don’t really feel too much…I think I did okay.”

Jin Air Greenwings break their losing streak to finally claim victory against Afreeca Freecs today. Jin Air managed to triumph over Afreeca, showcasing exceptional team fighting and the players’ individual talents in the process.

Riot Korea interviewed Moon “Route” Geom-su and Lee “Grace” Chan-ju following the match.

Can you tell us about your win today?

Route: I can’t believe it. Recently, our scrims weren’t going well so…

Grace: I didn’t feel too much [after the victory].

You showed quite a bit of improvement as a team today. Do you agree with that?

Route: I thought in our practices we were doing decently until last Monday, but recently our performance went down and I was quite worried heading into the match today.

Grace, your performance today has been exemplary. How would you rate yourself today?

Grace: I think I did okay.

With the addition of Seize going into round 2, it seems a fire has been lit within Jin Air as a team.

Grace: Seize is great at initiating fights, but I think both junglers have their own strengths.

Let’s talk about Game 1. Despite Sivir being picked already, you picked the Tristana, which isn’t the best matchup. Was there any reason behind it?

Route: We wanted to set up a good gank opportunity for Galio. So we were planning on lane swapping and diving with the composition we had, but after observing enemy ward placements, Seize called for a level 2 gank in the bot lane.

Tristana, Sivir, Galio, Braum. 2 minutes ago these four champions lived in harmony. Image Source: Riot
Then, it all changed when Jarvan IV did a level 2 gank. Image Source: Riot

Grace, you had a great performance on Syndra in game 3. Can you tell me the reasons for the pick?

Grace: Syndra is good into Lissandra, and after seeing ShowMaker play the same matchup against Brook, I decided to go for it as well.

Your catch on Vayne was quite impactful. Did you think you could get the kill as soon as the CC hit?

Grace: I was very fed at that point of the game so I was confident I could get that kill. I played quite a lot of Syndra you know.

Grace’s crucial stun on Aiming’s Vayne. Image Source: Riot
Fun and interactive. Image Source: Riot

There was a moment where Tahm Kench stole the Baron using smite from Unsealed Spellbook. 

Grace: I didn’t even realize that Nova stole the Baron. Last year, he was stealing objectives with smite as well. I had faith in him to do it once more.

Look at me, I’m the jungler now. Yoink. Image Source: Riot

Who usually shotcalls for Jin Air?

Route: We all give calls, but our main shotcaller would be Nova.

Any words for the fans?

Route: When we were going through the losing streak, I felt sorry for the fans. So I am happy we managed to win. I would like to give my thanks.

Grace, your Head Coach has been waiting for this win as well. Any words to him?

Grace: Head Coach, you worked very hard. In the future, it could still be rough, but we will try our best to lessen your load.

How do you feel going into your next matchup against Hanwha Life Esports?

Grace: In our last match against Hanwha Life, we nearly won against them. This time, with better preparation I think we can take the victory.

Route: In the match against Hanwha if our bot lane doesn’t get run over, I think we can win.



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