Jin Air Greenwings’ Nova: “I’d like to thank…Hanwha Life Esports, DAMWON Gaming, MVP, as well as other teams”

Jin Air Greenwings are the winners of today's match against ES Sharks. Image Source: Korizon

Jin Air Greenwings has defeated ES Sharks to secure their spot in 2019 LCK Summer split. After a long, hard-fought series between these two teams, Jin Air managed to win out in the end, with an exemplary performance from their AD carry player Moon “Route” Geom-su shining through.

Riot Korea interviewed the starting roster of Jin Air Greenwings following the match.

Jin Air was able to maintain its spot in LCK. We will be interviewing the players and the Head Coach. Hello!

Jin Air: Hello.

[To Han “H Dragon” Sang-yong, Head Coach of Jin Air Greenwings] Along with the players and the Head Coach, the fans are also quite relieved with today’s results. Can you tell us what this means for you?

H Dragon: It has been quite difficult for us all, especially the players. While every other team has finished their split, we had to still prepare for more matches, which is not easy. To the players that have worked so hard, I want to tell them that I am proud of them. [Turns towards the players] You guys worked hard!

There have been rough moments for the team throughout the series. Weren’t you worried as you watched the game, or did you have faith in the team to pull through?

H Dragon: I expected for us to win today’s match with a 3-1, but we did see mistakes the team made before in scrims. We couldn’t do much about those mistakes once it was made, and, taking care not to hurt the players’ mentality we took special care in that area.

What kind of talks was there between players and the coaching staff?

H Dragon: Grace made some weird plays during the third game, but he is a confident player, and I told him he was a good player and that he was capable of beating Kuzan.

How will you prepare for Summer split?

H Dragon: We apologize to the fans and our main sponsor in Jin Air for showing such bad results. Despite being a bottom tier team, we saw an increase in support for us, with fans cheering for us, or sending us gifts. All of it gave us strength. In Summer split, we will make sure to prepare hard so that we don’t drop down to relegations match again. Thank you!

Lindarang, your contribution to the team has been great during the Promotion tournament. Can you tell us what the secret was behind your great performance?

Lindarang: I think it was desperation to come back to LCK, and the team working together well that brought good results for us.

Can you tell us how you managed to synergize with your teammates?

Lindarang: Since this is a team game, we made sure to take care of one another, covering for players that might be underperforming.

Since you were playing against a team you faced already, did it help in any regards going into it?

Lindarang: Since we already won against them before, I think we were more confident.

We saw that you responded against Akali with the Gangplank. How was the draft prepared in regards to the top lane?

Lindarang: Since top lane champions tend to be blind picked, we just prepared stable, teamfight orienteered champions.

Thanks in part to your stability in the top lane, Jin Air was able to find victory in their match today. How will you prepare for Summer split?

Lindarang: We had bad results in Spring, but in the Summer split, we will make sure to return in better form.

Seize, [ES Shark’s] Head Coach specifically picked you as a player to be worried about. Did you happen to take notice of that?

Seize: No I didn’t.

You matchup against Catch has been quite interesting. Can you tell us how you planned your jungle pathing?

Seize: I just played by relying on my instincts. There were no real thoughts behind it.

There have been talks that your aggressive playstyle helped shape the team’s own style. Do you agree with such sentiment?

Seize: Well, if public opinion says so, it must be true.

Can you tell us how you feel about your victory today?

Seize: I am happy that we won, though I am worried about Summer split, at the moment I’m glad we managed to survive.

For Summer split, how will you make sure to survive?

Seize: For the next split, we will make sure to win two matches instead of one. [Audience laughs]

Seize: I think I misspoke.

Yes, did you mean you will slowly but surely get more wins next split? From two to three and so on?

Seize: Not getting relegated.

Grace, you also showed an increase in your performance. How will you assess yourself today?

Grace: I don’t know about an increase in performance. I’ll try not to get solo killed again. Sorry.

Grace you met Kuzan again in the Promotion tournament. There wasn’t much difficulty in the previous series. How was the matchup today?

Grace: As you can see, I got carried today.

Can we hear your goal for Summer?

Grace: After going through another relegations match, I feel relief at the end, but along with that I also hope I never come back here again.

Route, your synergy with Nova in the bottom lane has been quite notable. How will you assess your performance today?

Route: I’m not sure about our synergy today. I think with our jungler taking care of us helped.

What do you think Nova?

Nova: I saw a recent interview with SKT T1’s Teddy, where he mentioned if he was relegated, it would be like his life was over. So, during the relegations match, I was very pressured, and I hope I never come back to relegation again.

Route, how will you prepare for Summer?

Route: Instead of just one win, I want to win more matches so that I don’t play in the Promotion tournament again.

How about you Nova?

Nova: Honestly, I am sorry that I wasn’t able to show good performance in the last two years. I assure you that I am trying hard to improve individually and as a team player, so I hope you continue to watch over me. Also, I would like to give my thanks to teams that helped us prepare for Promotion tournament, which includes Hanwha Life Esports, DAMWON Gaming, MVP, as well as other teams, and family as well.

H Dragon, can you give us any last words?

H Dragon: My sincere gratitude to the fans. In Summer we will come back as a better team. Thank you!


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