HLE SoHwan after his match against KT Rolster: “We really shouldn’t get too excited.”

Lava and SoHwan are the MVPs of today's match against KT Rolster. Image Source: Riot Games

Hanwha Life Esports has defeated KT Rolster in a 2-0 to conclude the first match of the day. With Hanwha showing revitalized strength after their loss to Sandbox Gaming in their first match, they were able to take down the recently rebuilt roster of KT Rolster to secure their first victory of the split.

Riot Korea has interviewed Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon and Kim “SoHwan” Jun-yeong following the match.

Hanwha Life was able to achieve their first victory of the split. We will be meeting with MVPs of today’s match, Lava and SoHwan.

You guys have done well. With the second game having set record as the longest in game time this split, it must have been difficult to keep up your concentration ingame. 

Lava: Since the game was extended because of me, I played with the mindset that a loss here would be a disaster, making sure to concentrate hard in the later stages of the game.

Again, congratulations on your victory. SoHwan, this was your first match this split. How was your condition?

SoHwan: It was good.

Yes, I believe you have shown a performance you would be satisfied with. Lava, you also made plays that left quite an impression, receiving MVP after a unanimous vote. Can you tell us what changed for you from the first match of the split?

Lava: Regarding the first match, there were things that I was quite disappointed in while rewatching, that we received feedback as soon as possible worked to fix those issues.

After the first match, there were worries that Hanwha had lost their aggressive edge. Was that part of the feedback done?

Lava: Yes, it was.

Can you tell us how the feedback was done?

Lava: How it was done? “Don’t be afraid, play something aggressive, and do well”.

There were many awesome moments in the first game, after letting open champions such as Yuumi, Sylas, and Ryze, you have opted to pick Irelia first. Can we hear this part from SoHwan?

SoHwan: On why Irelia was picked, it was a champion I liked, and it was picked after discussing with my teammates.

On letting Yuumi through, did you think it was better to give it your opponent instead of playing for yourself?

Lava: Yes… I think so? Maybe? Perhaps that is why we picked Irelia.

I guess you are not at liberty to reveal why.

Lava: It is part of our team’s internal secret strategies, so I don’t think I can talk more about it.

Yes, I see. There was one more moment in the first game. Giving up Infernal Dragon in order to assassinate Ezreal. Can you tell us the decision making behind this?

Lava: Because top lane was pushed, I entered the opponent jungle, and since they are taking Dragon, there is no vision top side. After being told I was safe, I waited around, looking for a kill.

Ezreal was one-shotted from nowhere. Did you expect to be able to do that?

Lava: Yes I did, that’s why I ignited first.

With the ignite first, you were able to create a perfect kill on Ezreal. It was such an awesome play. Again, congratulations on your MVP.

The second game was quite long, we will be asking SoHwan about that. Despite showing great performance throughout the game, there were moments of difficulty for the team. What kind of talks were going on within the team?

SoHwan: I told everyone to get their act together since it was still winnable. When the game is in a dire situation, I just told them to play calmly like there’s nothing wrong.

After winning a major teamfight, which made Lava let out a terrific shriek, Sangyoon was quick to calm him down by reminding him the game wasn’t over. Is this a common thing from Sangyoon?

Lava: When the team gets too excited, Sangyoon does tend to say something to calm ourselves down.

I’m sure it was very helpful in maintaining your concentration ingame. SoHwan, even after your victory in the second game, you must have had a lot in your mind, going over immediately to receive feedback about your match. Can you tell us what kind of talks there were after the game?

SoHwan: After taking Baron, when Lava was singing, we needed to plan out what we were going to do afterward. However, we weren’t in sync as a team at the time, so we received feedback about that. We really shouldn’t get too excited.

Hanwha Life Esports has definitely risen in level of performance. With the next match’s opponent set to be the Afreeca Freecs, can we hear any words from you?

Lava: Compared to the first match, we definitely improved, but there are still more things to work on, so we will work on that so that we can find victory in our series against Afreeca Freecs.

SoHwan, can we expect to see you once more as starter?

SoHwan: We will try our best in order to win. No matter who plays, winning is important after all.


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