HLE Lava on the trust that the coaching staff put in him: “I strongly communicated that I wanted to keep playing.”

Hanwha Life Esports defeated Gen.G and kept their hopes for the Playoffs alive. After the match, Riot Korea interviewed the two MVPs of the match, Bono and Lava.

This was an important victory for Hanwha Life Esports. How are you feeling at the moment?

Bono: We kept our hopes for Playoffs alive with this victory, so I am happy about the victory.

Lava: It’s been almost over a month since I played on the stage. I watched Tempt-hyung, feeling envious and motivated, training hard driven by these emotions. It was such an important match; our chances for playoffs would’ve been difficult if we lost. So it’s a relief that we won.

It was a difficult series indeed. You gave up your first game against Gen.G. Did the coaching staff give any internal feedback after game one?

Bono: If we lost the series, we were almost certainly going to be out of the Playoffs race. The coach told us to play as if it was our last match. So we really gave our very last effort from game two.

Lava, you did not have the best performance during game one of the match. Some expected you to be subbed out after game one. However, you continued to play and managed to turn the game around for HLE in game three.

Lava: The coach gave me a choice [whether to be subbed out or not] after game one. However, I wanted to play once more and give myself a second chance so I strongly communicated that I wanted to keep playing.

Bono, you played Zac and showed impressive performance in game one. What led you to play Zac?

Bono: Zac is a champion that I am confident in, so I wanted to go for Zac. I considered between Zac and Jarvan IV, but Zac seemed like a better choice.

Lava, you came back with a good performance after a perhaps disappointing game one. How do you feel about your performance in the series overall?

Lava: I was satisfied with my performance game three, however, I am regretful about my performance in game one and two. So I don’t think I’m wholly satisfied.

Bono and Lava, your teamwork in the games is one of a kind. Are you also personally close outside the games?

Lava: Are we…?

Bono: [laughs] Guess we are friends…? I guess we can become even better friends?

Lava: Let’s say that we have a bit to go.

Lava, you would be appreciative of the coaching staff giving another chance after game one. Could you maybe say a word of appreciation to the coaching staff for giving you another chance?

Lava: To the coaching staff – Thank you for trusting me and letting me make an appearance once again. I will repay this by showing even better performance on stage. It was a bit nerve-wracking for me, to play after such a long time. I hope to continue to start so I can keep showing a good performance to the fans.



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