Griffin’s Viper on what he will do during the break: “I will be watching the other teams play, and take note of champions or strategies that look good.”

Griffin continued their dominating win streak in the LCK, defeating the current LCK champions KT Rolster with a 2:0 match score today. At the center of this victory were Park “Viper” Do-hyeon and Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong.

Riot Korea interviewed Viper and Tarzan following the series.

Viper, you must be glad that you managed to win the first series of your second round. Could you tell us more about your victory today?

Viper: I am quite happy that we managed to win this match. It was the first series of a new round. I was afraid we might lose our resolution, but it seems that that hasn’t been the case.

Tarzan, this is your first MVP since the first week, when you got the MVP four times in a row. You must have been waiting to win another MVP. Can you tell us more about this?

Tarzan: I don’t really care about the MVP, but I think I am satisfied with my performance today.

Your team hid in the top lane bush at the beginning of game one, allowing you to take first blood off Urgot. What were the calls behind it?

Viper: It was prepared beforehand, so we thought that the enemy top laner would show up, and when he did, we just ambushed him.

Were you certain Smeb would show up?

Viper: Honestly, as a top laner it’s his duty to check the bush for the team. We thought if he came to check the bush we would get him, and if he didn’t come we would just back away.

Your Vladimir was quite exceptional today. You currently have a history of 11 wins and 0 loses on Vladimir so far. How was the matchup against Kai’Sa?

Viper: I think it depends, it’s a case-by-case thing. Depending on the composition, each champion can shine in its own ways.

But would you say Vladimir has the lane priority in most cases?

Viper: If Kai’Sa is paired up with a support that can push the lane fast, it is also possible for her to have a lane priority over Vladimir. It all depends.

Viper, you got a triple kill [in the bottom side river] fight. In these kinds of skirmishes, who’s in charge of shotcalling?

Viper: There isn’t really a specific person. One of us just tell others to back off or go for it.

Griffin is famous for doing silent scrims. In skirmishes during matches, don’t you have some kind of communication?

Viper: We do say some things, but … I don’t think any of us really remember what we said.

Tarzan, you have stepped up to the level of laners, showing aggressive plays. How did you prepare?

Tarzan: When Aatrox has his ult up, you are able to play more confidently, so I trusted my ult and played more upfront.

Did the fact your teammates were doing their part in the game help you out as well?

Tarzan: Yes, early on, my teammates did very well, so it allowed me to focus on my growth.

One of the highlights of the second game, Tarzan, was the double kill in the bot lane. Could you explain the fight that happened there?

Tarzan: I didn’t see any way I could die in that situation. So I trusted my ult and kept on dealing my damage.

We thought the play was over and then Sword ulted in towards the tower. Was the play planned?

Tarzan: I knew about the TP, When I saw the Sion ult go in I was… [no words]. I think Sword himself said he was fine.

Griffin will be getting around 2 weeks of rest. Viper, do you have any plans for the break?

Viper: I will be watching the other teams play, and take note of champions or strategies that look good.

Tarzan, do you think another undefeated round is possible?

Tarzan: I will try my best to show good results in this round as well.

Thank you for the interview!


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