Griffin’s Chovy striving for perfection: “If there are ways we can become even better, we will find them and do so.”

Photo taken by Ashley Kang of Korizon

Griffin continues its unchallenged win streak in the LCK. It seems that Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon is not satisfied, however, as he already discussed how the team can become even better. Ashley Kang spoke with Chovy on how the team is continuing to strive for perfection.

Congratulations on claiming yet another victory in dominating fashion, Chovy. You have defeated Afreeca Freecs with a 2-0 match score. Griffin is now on an 8-match win streak. How are you feeling at the moment?

Chovy: We won the match on a 2-0 score. Our performance was good, but there were some points within the match that we lacked in. It means that we can improve on these points. I’m happy that we’ve found things that we can improve on, and also won a match with a clean score.

Everyone’s already praising Griffin’s performance. However, it sounds like the players are still striving to perfect their performances. Is this correct?

Chovy: The prime and foremost goal is to win the matches. Then within that, when we notice things we could have done better, we try to fix them. Because we don’t want to repeat these mistakes.

I hear that cvMax gives a lot of feedback to his players and his feedback is an integral part of the team. Can you tell us more about that, Chovy?

Chovy: Feedback…cvMax gives us feedback that is easy for us to understand, and in a way that prevents us from repeating our mistakes. He doesn’t tell us “What you did is wrong”, he asks us “Why did you do it this way?”. If I had been thinking about something in an incorrect way, he gives feedback so I no longer have these incorrect thoughts. His feedback is about how to fix the root of things.

In this case, do you also give feedback to cvMax in return?

Chovy: Not on anything around the games, no.

Griffin continues to sit elevated at the top of the LCK ranking as it continues on a historic win streak. What’s the team atmosphere like? Are the players determined, happy, or proud about the achievement so far?

Chovy: I think the team environment is pretty cheerful. I’m kinda bad at reading the mood in the room [laughs] so I’m not sure what kind of mood it really is, but I don’t think it’s bad. I think we are good.

I think we are less interested in the fact we are on a win streak, but more on our daily performances. We are focused on whether we’ve won the match because the opponent team fumbled, or because we played without mistakes and performed well.

I have recently talked with cvMax, who credited the trust and teamwork between the players as a reason for good performance. As a player in the team, what is your personal impression on the team’s teamwork and trust?

Chovy: Teamwork and trust…I do think we are better than other teams [around teamwork and trust] at the moment. When we are making plays, we trust in each other’s [decisions]. The way we see the games is aligned. So when we initiate or make plays, we all go in, without no one missing a beat, going in too fast or too late. We all go in at the right timing, because of our good teamwork and trust.

We know where a player must be in a given situation, and every player knows where they have to be [on the map] and make which play at any given point in time.

Image by Ashley Kang of Korizon

There was a week long break in the LCK before this week. You, as well as other the LCK players, were able to enjoy a short holiday. How did you spend this time, Chovy?

Chovy: I didn’t play any solo queue games during the holidays. I just played other games and fooled around a bit. I don’t know what other players got up to during the break. I haven’t asked them.

What did you play?

Chovy: KartRider, WarCraft…[laughs]

I do hear that players in Griffin have insane practices schedules. During the break, you may have had a chance to rest and look back at the split, think about the hard work you’ve done so far.

Chovy: During the break, I didn’t really look back. I was just looking forward to enjoying the holiday.

Last year, when I first became a professional player, I did have a tough time trying to bear through all these practices. I thought it was hard. Now, I just got used to it. I just think “Yep, it’s yet another day of practice” and go on.

Griffin is now on an 8-game win streak and may finish round one of the LCK spring split with a perfect win record. Do you think Griffin can continue on this win streak for the rest of the split?

Chovy: If we don’t slack off or become overconfident and keep striving for perfection, I think it will be possible.

If Griffin continues on the win streak like this, you’ll eventually end up at the spring split finals. Do you sometimes look forward to the spring split finals, or imagine what that will be like?

Chovy: I feel pressured when I think about the finals as the finals. So I just try to think about it as a best-of-5 match where we have to win three games. If we just focus on becoming perfect, a victory is more likely to follow. So, I try to perform even better.

As Griffin continues its historic win streak, Griffin has drawn international attention. There are more people than ever watching Griffin’s matches, cheering for the team, cheering for you, Chovy. Has the new-found fame hit you? Does this knowledge make you feel or perform any differently?

Chovy: To be really honest, It hasn’t really hit me just yet. Just … I think I’m not too focused on the external stuff. I’m focused on the games, and I barely know other things. I don’t feel it.

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any final resolution or a word to the fans before we close this interview off?

Chovy: If there are ways we can become even better, we will find them and do so. We are halfway there on getting through the LCK with nothing but victories. We’ll work hard to achieve this goal. If the fans can keep an eye on us, it will be great. I am always thankful for the fans.


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