Griffin Viper on the first Pentakill in 2019 LCK: “Before I noticed, they were all dead.”

Griffin continued their undefeated streak in the second week of 2019 LCK Spring Split by beating Hanwha Life Esports. In game 1, Griffin managed to overcome HLE’s gold lead through a series of teamfights led by Viper’s Kai’sa, culminating in a Pentakill. In game 2 Griffin continued to dominate, with Chovy taking the MVP on the signature Akali pick. After the match, Riot Korea interviewed both players.

Griffin proved that they were on “Another Level” once again! Viper and Chovy, congratulations on winning your third series in the 2019 LCK Spring Split!

Viper: Somehow, we’re on a three-win streak. I’m happy, it feels good to win.

Chovy: I guess I’m happy that we’ve won.

You faced a difficult situation in the beginning. Chovy, you even died and broke your no-death record so far in the LCK. How did that feel?

Chovy: I wasn’t mindful about that in particular. However, not dying is the better option in every situation, so I tried not to die. I’m sad that I died.

Then Griffin bore through the tough situation and finally managed to come back after a series of teamfights. Viper, were you waiting for a moment to flip the game around?

Viper: I was laning, then there were screams coming from the jungle. So I thought that this was about to become a long game. Tarzan said “I’m a little behind” more than 100 times.

Congratulations on coming back in Game 1, indeed. You even scored a Pentakill.

Viper: Well, I won as a result of the Pentakill so yes. I’d say I’m happy.

I wasn’t trying to go for a Pentakill in particular. Sword, on the other hand, kept saying that the Pentakill should go to me and tried to give it to me. So I took it on a silver plate. I just tried to not die and kept hitting them, and before I noticed, they were all dead.

And Chovy, how was the situation for you when Viper landed the Pentakill?

Chovy: I wasn’t there for the teamfight. I was telling myself “I’m late, I’m late” as I ran to the teamfight. When I arrived, everyone was dead and there was a Pentakill.

And Chovy, congratulations on being awarded MVP in the second game. You even won MVP of Game 2 on Akali! You are now on four victories with Akali. Is she a champion that you are confident in?

Chovy: I am confident in whatever champion I pick. I guess I do well because my teammates are there to set up a great game, every time.

You give credit to your teammates, however, you were by yourself when you were pushing the top lane. You were literally going 1v4 at that point.

Chovy: That’s the minimum I can do if my teammates are setting up a good game around me.

Viper, we also saw a pocket pick in Game 2. Lehends picked Fiddlesticks support. What was your thought on Lehends’ pick?

Viper: Yeah, he’s been playing Fiddlesticks a lot recently. I hate him for that. However, he picked it and it worked out soo…

Chovy, what did you think about the Fiddlestick pick at the bot lane?

Chovy: I didn’t care. I was just thinking, “They’ll do well, whatever.”


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