Griffin Sword: “There is always a fear of cvMax taking my spot away if I don’t do well itn scrims”

Griffin members and the coach, cvMax, talks to the OGN casters after their victory. Photo Source: OGN

The 2nd day of LCK Summer Split Promotion saw Griffin defeat MVP in 3-1 to secure their spot in LCK. After the match, OGN interviewed the victorious Griffin who will be joining LCK from Summer Split.

Congratulations on promoting to LCK! We say hello to Griffin coach cvMax. cvMax, are you crying by any chance?

cvMax: The reality is just hitting me. I’m so happy.

There has been so much expectation and hype around Griffin as a team. Has this hype been pressuring you at any point in time?

cvMax: Not initially; but after we lost Game 1 the pressure started creeping on me.

There is almost no history of Griffin losing, so I’d imagine the pressure. Yet you guys made it! Now you can proudly compete in LCK among the top teams. Are you excited?

cvMax: I have butterflies in my stomach, but a good kind. I’m looking forward to it, I expect it to be fun.

We’d like to say hello to the players of Griffin now. We’ll start with Sword!

Sword: Hello – I am top-laner of Griffin, Sword!

How does it feel to finally to compete in LCK?

Sword: LCK is thought as the competing scene for the best top laners in the world; I hope to do best in this scene, and hopefully place my name among the pack of best top laners.

How comfortable are you?

Sword: I think I should be able to go against any top laner in LCK.

Some people joke about cvMax playing in your stead if your performance isn’t good. Is that rumor true?

Sword: We don’t have a substitute top laner in Griffin. So there is always a fear of cvMax taking my spot away if I don’t do well in scrims. It means I have to do well. We do joke around this kind of things in Griffin teamhouse.

Now we’ll say hi to the King of Jungle, the super-rookie, Tarzan! You carried the team with some amazing performance again. 

Tarzan: I’m so happy. We dropped Game 1, but we had some intense feedback around this and decided to focus more on counterplay, and we were able to turn things around from Game 2.

So many people were predicting Griffin victory today. Were you expecting to win today?

Tarzan: We thought that if we played as the usual, it would be very difficult for us to lose.

And now, the stable mid-laner of Griffin, Rather!

Rather: Hello, I’m the mid laner of Griffin, Rather.

If we were to speak of mid lane today we cannot but talk about mid Talon today. None of the casters expected such a bold pick from you. Was it a pick you practised?

Rather: Talon is a pick that I usually play for fun. The day before the match, I promosed it as a counter against Taliyah and Karma and played a few games on it – The results weren’t bad so we tried it out. It didn’t turn out too bad.

cvMax: As a team, we tend to give freedom to the players around their champion pools and picks. As long as it is not too outrageous, we allow it.

Now you are a proud mid laner of LCK. Any resolutions?

Rather: There is not a single mediocre mid-laner in LCK; so I hope to do well among them. Our goal is much higher than today’s victory.

One more question – Why do you read so much? Why do you buy Mejai so often?

Rather: Mejai is a bit of sour grape sometimes. I buy it because if I have Mejai as one of my items, I become a bit more cautious in my plays. Also, it really tilts the opponent team.

We have to say hi to the ADC, Viper.

Viper: Hello, I am Viper, ADC of Griffin.

You played every single game on Kai’Sa today. You really seemed confident playing Kai’Sa today.

Viper: She’s good against any ADC, as long as she is allowed to get fed towards late game. She’s also a champion that I play a lot in my personal time.

What do you think about your chances in LCK?

Viper: Before I scrimed against LCK teams, I had a bit of fear of LCK teams; but now I’ve scrimed against them I think it’s definitely do-able.

I get a feeling that all Griffin players are very confident going towards LCK. If you were to rate your performance out of 100 today?

Viper: I’d rate it 85 out of 100. We lost Game 1 today, and I even died twice.

Now we move to the supporter behind our Viper, Lehends. 

Lehends: I was so nervous coming in today. I almost cried after losing Game 1 – Now I know what it’s like to lose. But everyone else looked more disheartened then me, so I was going around my teammates telling everyone “It’s ok! It’s ok!”.





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