Gen.G Ruler on his Vayne pick: “For champions such as Vayne that have a weak lane phase, the pilot has to be worthy of her.”

On the 14th of March, Gen.G achieved a feat that no one expected. Gen.G defeated the previously undefeated team, Griffin, with a 2-0 match score. Gen.G showed teamwork and synergy that the fans had come to expect from the former World Champions, led by pocket picks top Neeko and AD carry Vayne.

After the match, Riot Korea interviewed the two MVPs of the match, Peanut and Ruler.

Gen.G has denied Griffin’s win streak and treated the fans with a perfect and spectacular performance. How are you feeling right now?

Ruler: It feels good to have defeated the first place team, and I’m happy that it was a clean performance.

Peanut: I was curious what it feels like to stand here for an MVP interview, and I guess this is what it feels like. It was a team on a win streak and because we were at ninth place, no one had expected us to win. However, we were confident that we were going to win, and we did it. I am happy.

The teamwork within Gen.G today was flawless. What was the conversation within the team that led to this result? Who was the main shotcaller for the team?

Ruler: I guess it was everyone. I think everyone was kind of “Let’s all just do one thing”, and got on the same page, and I think that had a good result.

In game one and two, Gen.G drafted Vayne as the AD carry. There were cheers in the audience as you locked in Vayne for the first time. What was the reasoning behind picking Vayne? Was it a pick that you have practiced a lot beforehand? Did you specifically prepare for the Vayne pick for today?

Ruler: I don’t think we specifically prepared hard for it. I think we just all picked champions that we are confident in. For champions such as Vayne that have a weak lane phase, the pilot has to be worthy of her. I’m not implying that I am good [laughs] I just think she has to be played right. The player has to be good.

Vayne was not the only interesting pick that Gen.G brought to the table today. Gen.G also used AD carry Neeko top in both games.

Peanut: It’s a pick that CuVee really likes, and he is also good at Neeko, so we drafted her in Game 1. Then we won the first game, so there was no reason for us to change the draft. So we also opted into Neeko in game two.

Ruler, you also very came close to a Pentakill in this game. You had a Quadrakill on Vayne in a teamfight. Can you tell us more about your performance on Vayne at the time?

Ruler: Our Lissandra was down, so at the beginning, it didn’t look like a good situation for us. Then, it seemed like the opponent was overextending. So we went into the fight. I didn’t have a lot in the mind, just kept repeating that “we’ve won”.

The last time that you had a quadrakill in an LCK match, you had a very interesting mic check that was broadcasted to everyone. Were you conscious of what you were saying during the time you were getting the quadra? 

Ruler: I didn’t think about it at the time. It did enter my mind at the end of the game, however, and I just hoped that the producers would somehow edit it well.

Ruler, what are your resolutions for the next match against Kingzone DragonX?

Ruler: I think the next match will be fun. We’ve beaten the first place team, so we will work hard to come out of the next game victorious, too.

Peanut, again, congratulations on your MVP. Will we see you in MVP interviews more often in the future?

Peanut: I think I had a few chances at the MVP prior to today, however, Ruler would always take it away. That being said, Ruler has always deserved it. I’ll perform well in the future matches too, and hopefully get more MVPs.


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