Gen.G Ruler: “Enjoy the KeSPA Cup matches with us [in the holidays]. It’s good to be single!”

Image Source: Riot Games

On the 24th of December KST, Gen.G debuted the team’s new roster for 2018. Life made his professional debut as Gen.G’s new support player, while Peanut, the veteran LCK jungler, also played his first game under the Gen.G banner. The team faced Sandbox Gaming and won the match with a 2:0 match score, progressing to the next round of KeSPA Cup.

After the game, Ashley Kang interviewed Ruler about the new Gen.G roster, his thoughts on the recent Riot patches and why he thinks “It’s good to be single”.

Hello Ruler, congratulations on progressing to Round 2 of KeSPA Cup. How do you feel about the match against Sandbox Gaming?

Ruler: With my individual performance, I don’t think I’ve made too many mistakes in the game so I’m happy about that. As a team, however, it feels like [Gen.G] can still improve around teamwork. So we will continue to work hard.

You showed an impressive performance against Sandbox Gaming. For Game 1 you almost single-handedly turned the game around while on Xayah. Can you tell us more about your performance? 

Ruler: I actually never thought that we were behind. The in-game conversation was that we weren’t too far behind, so I continued to do my best.

The last few patches of League of Legends have been pushing professional games towards early-game aggression. Some say this takes power away from the AD carry role.

Ruler: They call it the skirmish meta and mid lane meta. However, the more I play [in this meta], the more I’m convinced that it’s actually a meta for AD carries. I would actually say that the bot lane is more influential than the top or mid lane in the current meta.

Have you seen the recent patch that Riot has proposed? Riot has promised to buff Crit-inducing items, 

Ruler: I thought that AD carries were already very powerful in this match. I read the patch notes, thinking “Wow, [Riot] is buffing AD carries even further?” If it turns out to be so, I believe that we will truly see the return of AD carry meta.

You are now playing with Life, instead of your long-time partner CoreJJ. How does it feel to have a different bot lane partner after such a long time?

Ruler: I’ve parted ways with my support that I laned with for a very long time. However, honestly, I feel that it’s more fun when members change around. So I’ll see this as a positive change.

What if CoreJJ sees this interview?

Ruler: If he sees this interview…Well, I can’t help it that Life is good. Even if CoreJJ sees this interview, he won’t be able to tell me off. It’s not like he is in Korea. [laughs]

Peanut has also joined the Gen.G roster. How has it been playing with Peanut?

Ruler: Peanut actually turns out to be an active shotcaller, so it’s easier for me to play the game. Our teamwork has been getting better over the days as well.

You will play against Kingzone DragonX next, and you will be facing Kingzone’s new bot lane, Deft and TusiN. What are your expectations around the match against Kingzone?

Ruler: So this was my first game in a while, and it was actually very fun. I plan to have fun in my next game too, focusing on laning well in the bot lane and making that game for myself.

I’m not only confident against the Kingzone bot lane, but I’ll be doing everything to win against them.

2018 KeSPA Cup runs through the Christmas holidays. Do you have any words for the loyal LCK fans who have watched your game on Christmas Eve, and may even watch KeSPA Cup on Christmas Day?

Ruler: There will be a lot of single people who will be watching the KeSPA Cup on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Enjoy the matches with us [during the holidays]. It’s good to be single!


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