Gen.G ends contract with CuVee, Roach, Peanut, Seonghwan and more. Extends contract with Ruler and Life

Image source: League of Legends Champions Korea Flickr

Gen.G Esports announced on the 18th of November that they have parted ways with CuVee, Roach, Peanut, Seonghwan, Fly, Kuzan, Rich and Asper. With this move, it is clear that Gen.G will also be looking to rebuild their roster going into the offseason.

They have also announced that they have extended their contract with Ruler and Life, making it clear they will look to build their new team around the bottom lane duo.

Gen.G Esports had concluded their season with a 6th place finish in Summer split. Due to having no circuit points, they were unable to participate in the Regional Qualifiers for Worlds, ending their 3-year streak as third seed representatives for LCK.


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