Faker after SKT’s match against G2 Esports: “In our next match against G2, I think we will be able to play against them better than we did today”

Faker after their match against Flash Wolves. Image Source: Riot Games

We will be meeting with Faker, who has just won his recent match against Flash Wolves. Congratulations on your victory, can you tell us how you feel after the game?

Faker: Unfortunately, we went 1-1 today, and while the FW game worked out well for us, our first match against G2 is disappointing for us.

You say that the G2 match was disappointing, but your last match against Flash Wolves went along smoother in comparison. What kind of feedback was there after the game against G2 Esports?

Faker: Well, after the first game, we discussed for around an hour and I think we figured out what to do with some of the problems we displayed in the game. In our next match against G2, I think we will be able to play against them better than we did today. In some way, since it’s still the Group stage of the tournament, one loss early on can be actually helpful for us.

You were once again able to celebrate your birthday overseas. We heard that the Vietnamese fans sent many celebratory messages and gifts. Can you tell us what that included?

Faker: This birthday, the fans have sent me a lot of cakes. I ate three cakes by myself, which allowed me to play the games today with a full stomach.

You have concluded all of your matches today. Tomorrow, you will be playing against Phong Vu Buffalo, who has shown good performance against Invictus Gaming How will you prepare against them?

Faker: They are regarded as the weakest team of the Group stage teams, but since every team is the best in their region, we will not underestimate anyone and prepare well. We will also look to research things such as pick and ban.

Do you have any last words for the fans?

Faker: Thank you for the support you give us from Korea. While we went 1-1 today, for the rest of the Group stage, we will try our best to win 2-0 each day.


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