Faker: “Everyone in the new roster is very loud, so that was a change in [the SKT gaming house]. It’s quite a ruckus.”

SK Telecom T1 debuted its much-anticipated 2019 roster in the KeSPA Cup. In Round 1 of the 2018 KeSPA Cup, SKT played against APK Prince and won the match 2-0. While APK has also made extensive changes during the offseason, they were no match at the end to SKT’s individual lane power and aggressive snowballing. SKT will face the winner of bbq Olivers and ES Sharks in the next stage of KeSPA Cup.

Following the match, Afreeca TV interviewed SKT’s mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

Nice to meet you Faker, and congratulations on your win!

Faker: Hello.

There has been so much interest in SKT’s first match since the roster was rebuilt. How do you feel about the win?

Faker: We really wanted to win KeSPA Cup and this was a solid first step in the right direction. So I am satisfied. I will have to show good gameplay in the remaining games.

That is quite a declaration, saying your goal is to win KeSPA Cup right from the beginning.

Today, while it was a perfect series, the games must have been tough as so much focus was placed on the mid lane. You died several times as well. Wasn’t this frustrating for you?

Faker: For the first game, some of it was bait by me. For the second game, I couldn’t quite hear the chains very well, so I couldn’t react properly. I believe that was a factor.

There were a lot of skirmishes in the second game. With lots of veterans in the team, who was in charge of shotcalling?

Faker: Well when anyone on the team wanted to say something, they would just say it. There isn’t a main shotcaller in our team. Instead, we all try hard together.

So everyone is still adjusting as a team. Since there are very strong personalities in the new SKT roster, there were concerns about how the team will match together. It seems players are already friendly with each other.

Coach Zefa [in an interview earlier] mentioned that Mata’s ears are still intact [despite all the loud voices in the team house]. Out of all the new players in your team, who do you find the loudest?

Faker: Well, everyone in the new roster is very loud, so that was a change in [the SKT gaming house]. It’s quite a ruckus.

Who’s the loudest of them all?

Faker: All of them are pretty similar. But thanks to that, everyone became friends faster.

Teddy and Clid have told us that they felt they were becoming friends with you. Do you agree?

Faker: I am currently friendly with everyone.

So, you wouldn’t say you are more friendly to both of those players?

Faker: No, I wouldn’t say that.

At the beginning of this interview, you said your goal was winning KeSPA Cup. There will be many fans around the world who will share the same hopes. How do you feel about this?

Faker: I am thankful for all the support from the fans. I will try to continue to show a good performance.

Again congratulations on the victory, and thank you for the interview!


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