KZ Deft regarding his Jinx pick: “I was confident that I could pick any champion and win with it.”

Kingzone DragonX has defeated Hanwha Life Esports to retain their fifth place in the LCK. With the prospect of playoffs approaching for LCK teams, Kingzone was able to claim victory today, ending the series with a hard-fought 2-0.

Riot Korea interviewed Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Park “TusiN” Jong-ik following the match.

Deft, your MVP interview rate is at 100%. You always contribute to your team’s successes. Tell us about your victory today. 

Deft: Hanwha Life Esports was in contention for playoffs along with us. With today’s victory, I believe we have won an advantageous position [in the ranking]

TusiN you have just reached 300 games as a professional player.

TusiN: I didn’t know that coming into this match, but I am glad that I was able to win my 300th game, along with the series.

Notably, we saw Jinx [being picked by Kingzone] against Xayah. Jinx as a champion is not particularly strong in the laning phase. However, as the game went on we saw Jinx get ahead. What do you consider as important coming into the laning phase?

Deft: Well there are many things, but I was confident that I could pick any champion and win with it.

Deft you have been playing Xayah recently in past matches. Were you considering picking it again coming into this series?

Deft: Well our opponent took away Xayah, so I was wondering what to pick when I just decided to play Jinx.

Looking at the infernal dragon fight that occurred in the first game, we saw Rascal peel away 3 Hanwha Life members by himself away from the Dragon pit. Did you notice that? 

The crucial teamfight that turned around the game in KZ’s favor. Image Source: Riot

Deft: I didn’t quite realize how well he kept them away, but the teamfight that was happening in the backline was going in our favor as well.

After winning such a crucial teamfight, did you think that victory was in your grasp?

Deft: In the first game, I felt there were some bits of pick and ban that we were uncertain about, playing champions that we were not quite as experienced with. However, we played cleanly, and heading into the second game I thought it would be easier. But, [the second game] was a hard-fought victory.

TusiN what did you think about getting into the second game?

TusiN: For the second game, we thought that our composition was better the longer the game proceeded. However, our opponent was playing very tightly, which delayed our win condition. But, we tried out best and we were able to win teamfights thanks to our teamwork.

Recently there have been talks that Kingzone’s bot lane as the best duo in LCK.

TusiN: I am honored to receive such praise, and I will try my best to keep up my good performance.

Kingzone will be facing SKT in their next match. Do you believe, with this momentum, that you can beat SKT?

Deft: I am confident about facing any team, and I will look to avenge myself against all the teams that had beaten us in the first round.

TusiN: For our next series against SKT, and I believe Damwon after that, if we are able to win those series we will be quite a good spot. We will make sure to claim victory and place ourselves higher [in the rankings.]


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