cvMax on the unreal performance of Griffin: “We are united, with five players as one.”

Griffin has defeated Gen.G Esports to complete their first round of LCK Spring 2019 undefeated. With an 18-1 game record, they had dropped only a single game this season, against the current second-place team Sandbox Gaming. With Griffin’s run being unchallenged, Griffin looks to continue their streak going into the next round of the regular season.

At the end of this match Riot Korea interviewed Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, Choi “Sword” Sung-won and Head Coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho.

Griffin was able to finish the first round undefeated. With this amazing record, we will be meeting with Chovy, Sword and their Head Coach cvMax.

Griffin has managed to continue their undefeated win streak. How do you feel?

cvMax: The games went along as planned, so that was a relief and I am glad about the results.

Chovy you showed up with a Sylas pick today. Can you tell us more about that pick?

Chovy: Sylas is a champion that benefits from the opponent’s ults, and does well in the lane so I was thinking about picking [Sylas].

As soon as your opponent picked Aurelion Sol, you immediately picked Sylas in response. Do you think Sylas does well against that particular matchup?

Chovy: It has been around four months since I faced Aurelion Sol, so I had no data on that matchup. However, I decided to just go for it.

cvMax, what’s your thought on Chovy’s Sylas today?

cvMax: Chovy has been practising on the Sylas pick for a while, and we were confident in last picking Sylas it if the situation called for it. I think he showed good performance on the champion.

We will be talking about the second game. Sword, your performance was really good on that game. You had nine kills and four assists. How would you rate your Urgot today?

Sword: My jungler and bot lane did very well. I think the result today was expected when my teammates performed as well as they did today. I had to perform at least to this level in return.

cvMax, Skarner was picked in the second game. What was the decision-making process behind the Skarner pick?

cvMax: Tarzan had played against Skarner in the past, and thought it was quite good. So he practised the pick. and today we thought the pick would work well on this occasion.

Griffin didn’t give up a single tower this series. It felt like the match ended faster than any other matches. Were you especially determined to win to continue your win streak?

cvMax: We don’t concern over factors that are outside the games, such as KDAs or the win streak. Therefore, instead of thinking of this match as the last match of the first round, we treated it as a match against Gen.G. We played as we always do, with such a mindset.

Chovy, there have been talks that your interview skills have been improving. Have your head coach cvMax been giving you coaching around interviews, too?

Chovy: I didn’t get coaching for interviews. I think it got better with me doing so many interviews.

So the camera doesn’t bother you now, right?

Chovy: Not 100%.

Image Source: Riot Games

cvMax, we now enter the second round of the spring split. How are you planning on preparing for it?

cvMax: Last year our second round results were not as good as the first round results. Taking lessons from that, we will make sure to focus harder going into the next round and show good performance. One last word I want to add in is that we are united, with five players as one. It’s not just a slogan, but a critical part of our games. I believe it’s not weird for anyone in the team to receive MVP. The MVP can be compared to a bullet from a gun. But for that bullet to be fired, you need a barrel, trigger, gunpowder right? MVP of the day is the bullet, flying through the air, but the other players who have not received MVP are also doing well and I would love to see more support for them.

Sword, any words to your teammates who have not joined you on this stage for an interview today?

Sword: I may be the top laner, but don’t let that make you feel bad about it. You all did so well, so keep that in mind as we play as we usually do.

Chovy, how will you prepare for the second round?

Chovy: I think I must improve my performance first and foremost. I’ll be working hard to prepare for the second round.

Thank you for the interview!


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