GRF Chovy on the 100 KDA: “During the game, I try not to notice it. I’m worried it might influence my performance negatively.”

Griffin looked unstoppable as they continued their win-streak and stayed at the top of the LCK rankings in an “overwhelming” performance. On the 31st of January, Griffin beat SK Telecom T1 with a 2-0 score.

After the game, the press room interviewed Chovy, who recorded a 104.0 KDA for his performance over the 2019 Spring Split.

How does it feel to win today’s series 2-0?

It always feels good to win.

With SKT as well as its players having huge name value, this matchup was very anticipated. Yet, Griffin managed to win the match 2-0.

We didn’t prepare specifically for this matchup but focused on our team playing well. Today’s game ended 2-0, but with no kills happening in the first game, it was a very difficult game.

No kills in the early part of the game means neither side of the match was making any mistakes. In turn, it made the opponent difficult to exploit.

Your KDA has finally surpassed 100. Could you tell us more about that?

At the start and end of the game, I do become aware of it, but during the game, I try not to notice it. I’m worried it might influence my performance negatively.

Could you give us any tips on having such a high KDA?

I think it’s due to good performance. I do not put any deeper meaning behind it.

Your next game is against Sandbox Gaming. How do you feel going into it?

I think it will be fun.

Sandbox Gaming themselves seemed to be confident about the prospect of going against Griffin.

I will have to see if it’s a bluff from SANDBOX Gaming or not by playing against them.


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