GRF Chovy on how he will prepare for his next series: “I think the answer is to play a lot of games.”

Lehends and Chovy are MVPs of today's match against DAMWON Gaming. Image Source: Korizon

Griffin defeats DAMWON Gaming to confirm their first place spot in LCK. Despite their best attempt, Damwon were unable to match their opponent, with Griffin methodically finishing the series with a 2-0. With today’s victory, Griffin has confirmed themselves for a finals appearance in the 2019 LCK Spring split, which will happen in Jamsil Arena.

Riot Korea interviewed Son “Lehends” Si-woo and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon following the match.

Lehends, you must have dearly wanted to confirm first place in the LCK. Tell us how you feel.

Lehends: Oh, I think that only applies to Chovy. I only think about our performance in game, which makes me more mature I think.

Chovy, you said you play each series with the same mindset, but you must have had some expectation this series.

Chovy: Today, I really didn’t have any particular expectation, and just focused on our games today.

Your Head Coach was seen doing a thumbs up. Did he praise the team after the first game?

Lehends: He just told us “good job”. Supports don’t get MVP even when they play well, or get praise, so I played the way I always do.

You first picked Galio in the first game, despite champions like Braum and Lissandra being open. Were you fine with giving away such picks?

Lehends: I was confident that no matter what my opponents pick, as long as I am on Galio, I would be able to play well.

Chovy, you responded with Sion against Lissandra. Was it planned from the start?

Chovy: I had experience playing Sion before the nerfs, and while I was considering what to play against Lissandra, I decided to try out Sion. After practicing it, I thought it was a decent matchup, which was why I picked it [in today’s match].

Lehends, it seems you were expecting the gank that occurred in the bottom lane, countering it, and then returning the favor. 

Lehends: Sometimes, I tend to feel somewhat uneasy, which turns out to be right 8 out of 10 times. So when I sensed something was wrong, I was able to realize and counter effectively.

Tarzan also attempted a counter gank as well. Did you expect your opponents to push the wave [to allow the gank to work]?

Lehends: Honestly, I don’t know about that, since I’m not quite sure what moment it was. I think we probably just called for it by saying “hey, they might try this”.

There was also a moment where you intercepted your opponent’s attempt at Rift Herald. It could have been a prediction, but your reaction was quite swift. 

Lehends: When I warded in the pit, the Rift Herald wasn’t in her proper spot, so I was like “what is this?” and Tarzan shouted, “come quick!”. After [we secured Herald], my team went “Lehends nice!”.

Chovy, your Sion was also quite noteworthy in that game, building redemption as your first item. Griffin also picked Redemption Olaf earlier in the split. How does building support items as your first item help the team?

Chovy: I saw someone going redemption first in Solo Q, so I tried it out myself, wondering if it was good. Strangely enough, with Redemption damage, I was getting unexpected kills. Because it also has its healing ability for teamfights and it is such a cheap item since it was designed for supports, I thought it was quite a gold efficient choice.

When you go redemption first, it delays the rest of your build, doesn’t that mean you have to rely on your team?

Chovy: By farming wave and accumulating gold, I just considered it a core item.

In the second game, you played Lissandra yourself. cvMax mentioned that he considers the champion highly. What do you think?

Chovy: I think Lissandra is a champion that does well and above in most matchups.

You mentioned that you are comfortable facing against or playing with Lissandra. You did just that in both games today. What was more comfortable for you?

Chovy: Personally, I think the first game was better for me since I was not worried about dying in that matchup, I was able to play comfortably.

There was a skirmish in the top lane at 10-minute mark, after Gnar and Elise died. In the 2v2 fight, you showed great plays. Can you tell us what was going on there?

Chovy: I called to go for a fight there since the situation didn’t look that great, I went in once, to judge whether it would work out or not.

Lehends, Griffin will now be waiting from above [for their opponent in finals]. This is a bit different from your last split in Summer. Can you tell us how you feel?

Lehends: While I am very happy that we managed to get a direct seed to finals, the season is not over yet, and we will do our best in the remaining two games.

Chovy, it’s important to maintain your focus in your next games. How are you planning to prepare?

Chovy: I think the answer is to play a lot of games.

Any last words to the fans?

Lehends: Normally, Chovy should have received MVP in the first game, and reclaim his first place in MVP rankings. It’s a bit of a shame, but I’m also happy. To the fans, I am always thankful for their support, and I will make sure to prepare another fun series.

Chovy: Thank you for cheering for us, and I hope you continue to support us.


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