GRF Chovy on his amateur days: “I wasn’t actually good at League…Yeah, I’ve learnt a lot from cvMax.”

Griffin retained its untouchable dominance in the LCK by defeating Afreeca Freecs 2-0 today. Now on an 8-match victory streak, Griffin is continuing to extend its own record. After the match, Riot Games interviewed the sole MVP of the two games, Chovy.


Hello! You’ve once again been awarded double MVP. How are you feeling at the moment?

Chovy: It feels good to claim the victory with a clean 2-0 match score. As for the double MVP, I think another teammate should have been awarded the MVP for Game 2, so I feel a bit peevish about that one.

At Game 1, you blind picked Zoe. Can you tell us more about the thought process behind this?

Chovy: When I picked Zoe blind, I was sure that I wouldn’t lose lane. I believed that it would be better if my teammates had a chance to draft based on the opposing team’s picks, so we made the choice.

You have currently won four games on Zoe. Do your teammates like you playing Zoe?

Chovy: My teammates tease me that I’m playing Zoe again, but cvMax likes it.

In Game 1, you had an amazing solo kill on Sivir. Can you tell us more about how that came about?

Chovy: I wanted to stop Sivir’s recall, so I hit her a little. I thought that she was going to block my Sleep Bubble with Spell Shield, but then I saw the sleep animation kicking in. So I pretended to back away then jumped in at the last second to get the kill.

There seems to be a pattern with Griffin’s matches. You tend to play cautious macro-based games in the first set, then turn to play much more aggressively in the second. Is there some sort of communication between the games that shifts the team towards a more aggressive playstyle?

Chovy: I don’t know about myself, but I feel that my teammates warm up after the first game.

On Game 2, Griffin drafted Nocturne, Galio and Yasuo. What was your opinion on this composition?

Chovy: I think [Tarzan, Viper and Lehends] just played what they wanted to play.

In a recent stream, cvMax shared that you used to be pretty “bad” at League of Legends even despite being placed high on the South Korean ladder.

Chovy: Back when I was just a solo queue player, I would just look at my own screen and not even pay attention to the minimap. What I did was really reactionary. I wasn’t actually good at League… I think what cvMax said is true.

So would you say that you learned a lot from cvMax?

Chovy: Yeah, I’ve learnt a lot.


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