Afreeca Freecs on drafting Nocturne, Anivia and Jinx: “We were inspired by LCS…LCK picks and bans tend to be too formalized”

Tusin, Spirit and Afreeca coach talk about the team's off-meta picks. Source: OnGameNet

Afreeca Freecs continued their chase for the Playoffs finals with their win against Jin Air Greenwings. Even though they faltered against Jin Air in game 2, Afreeca rose to the challenge and took the 3rd game away with off-meta picks, Anivia and Jinx. OnGameNet interviewed the MVP players, Tusin and Spirit, as well as Coach Ccomet of to ask about the inspiration behind Afreeca Freecs’ off-meta picks.

In Game 2, you surprised us with Nocturne jungle. Could you tell us more about this pick?

Coach Ccomet: I love LCS. Outside of the macro aspect, LCS goes for picks that are good for 1v1 or teamfights. We see these picks and we take them on board. All the coaching staff in Afreeca Freecs are very open-minded about trying off-meta picks; made capable by our players having such large champion pools.

So for the Nocturn pick in Game 2, you believe that even though the results weren’t good for the particular game, it’s a pick we can definitely see again.

Coach Ccomet: Yes.

Afreeca’s Ban and Pick for Game 3 against Jin Air. Source: OnGameNet

In Game 3, we saw more surprise picks such as mid Anivia and ADC jinx. Can you tell us more about these picks?

Coach Ccomet: They are picks we’ve always had prepared, a sneak peek of things to come. These picks were also inspired by watching LCS. They have the good stuff.

Tusin, what do you think about your current team’s atmosphere (For encouraging trying new picks out)?

Tusin: It’s true that LCK picks and bans tend to be too formalized. It is as if you are solving equations in a maths book. I believe that our team is dedicated to winning matches by creating exceptions, rather than following these norms.

And yet, there has been praises you guys have an amazing macro. Machine-like, computer-like, clean.

Coach Ccomet: Our head coach’s motto is “Get the basics right”. Everyone tried very hard not to make mistakes. Sometimes individuals might want to carry and pop off, but the focus is more on executing things cleanly, without a slip.

Any last words to fans and the audience?

Tusin: Only 3 matches to go in Spring Split. For us to finish in first place, Kingzone will also have to lose, and…We will keep trying to reach the best possible result.

Spirit: Kingzone hyungs, please lose all remaining matches. Please lose as many matches you can so we can secure the first place. Fighting!

Coach Ccomet: Kingzone, you are so good, I don’t expect you to lose – But I hope you do!

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