Sandbox OnFleek regarding Camille after nerfs in 9.3: “we still think it’s usable with a good comp around the pick.”

SANDBOX Gaming defeated Afreeca Freecs to solidify their second place spot in LCK. With worries over the team’s recent series of losses, Sandbox was able to put into rest some of the worries fans had. With a clean 2-0 win against Afreeca, Sandbox was able to avenge their defeat last week, while looking to prove once more they are indeed the second best team in Korea.

Following the match, Riot Korea interviewed Park “Summit” Woo-tae and Kim “OnFleek” Jang-gyeom

SANDBOX Gaming had a tough time during the losing streak, but today the team has rebounded. Could you tell us about your victory?

Summit: We were able to find a victory after a difficult series, but because it was a 2-0 match score victory, I feel we did very well.

What was it like going against Kiin?

Summit: I thought he always performed well, and even today he showed up. I just did my part [in the game].

OnFleek, tell us about your victory today.

OnFleek: It was an important victory, and I am glad we were able to take it.

The analyst desk and the casters were wondering why Rek’sai was not appearing in the pick and ban. Can you tell us about that?

OnFleek: We thought that Reksai was not as good against the composition that [Afreeca Freecs] brought out, so we picked Lee Sin instead.

Summit, you played Jayce in the first game. With Urgot getting nerfed, there were thoughts that Jayce’s tier has risen. Can you think of counters to the champion?

Summit: There are champions that can [counter Jayce], but Jayce is able to go even in most match-ups. If you have to pick a tank into him, I would say champions like Sion would be decent.

OnFleek you played aggressively today, holding a frontline position in teamfights. Were you particularly determined to win this series?

OnFleek: After a tough loss to Afreeca, I was determined to win this match, and I think it showed [in my plays].

With Camille getting nerfed in patch 9.3, there was thought that Sandbox was shaken. Does this observation hold any validity?

OnFleek: It’s not completely baseless, but we still think it’s usable with a good comp around the pick.

Is there any other champ that you favor other than Camille?

OnFleek: I like to pick Olaf, which I played today.

Do you have anything to say about the second round of the LCK spring split?

Summit: We’re still early in the second round, so we will ride this upwards momentum and try our best in the remaining games [in the second round]

OnFleek: Yes, will use today’s victory as a catalyst to show good performance in the future.

Thank you for the interview!


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