ROX Tigers is acquired by Hanhwa Life, rebrands to Hanwha Life Esports

On 16th of April, ROX Tigers announced that the League of Legends team has been acquired by Hanhwa Life Insurance. From LCK 2018 Summer Split, the team will operate under the name Hanwha Life Esports (HLE). Hanhwa Life Insurance is the 2nd biggest life insurance company in South Korea, and its revenue is estimated to be around US$ 9.5 billion.

Fans of ROX Tigers will welcome the news of a stable financial sponsorship but will be sad to see the name and the brand of ROX Tigers walk down into the history.

ROX Tigers was founded in 2014 under the name HUYA Tigers, with its founding members Smeb, GorillA, KurO, PraY, and Hojin. Initially considered a “band of underdogs”, Tigers quickly rose through the ranks of LCK, coming 2nd place in LCK 2015 Spring Split, their first split in LCK. Notable achievements of ROX Tigers include finals in 2015 World Championships, semi-finals in 2016 World Championships and first place in LCK 2016 Summer Split.



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