PoohManDu joins Sengoku Gaming in the LJL as Head Coach, reunites with Blank

Lee “Poohmandu” Jeong-hyeon will be the Head Coach of Sengoku Gaming.

On 28th of May, Sengoku Gaming of the LJL announced that the team has signed Poohmandu as the head coach. Poohmandu first began his career as a professional support player, debuting at 2012 for GSG before joining SK Telecom T1, notably winning 2013 World Championship. After his retirement from professional play at the end of 2014, Poohmandu transitioned into a coach, working with various different teams around the world including Invictus Gaming, Misfits Gaming and his old team SK Telecom T1.

According to the translation of SejuPoro, a content creator and influencer in the Japanese esports scene, Poohmandu said in the official announcement: “Whenever I meet with new friends, I’m excited and remember the spirit that you started with. We are fighting for the win.”

Poohmandu will be reuniting with Kang “Blank” Sun-gu, who also announced that he will be joining Sengoku Gaming earlier this month. Blank was the jungler of SK Telecom T1 during a period in which Poohmandu was the LCK team’s coach. With this signing, the partnership will continue in the LJL.


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