OnFleek on the art of stealing Baron: “When I went for the steal, I just left it all to chance and prayed as I used smite.”

OnFleek is the sole MVP of today's match against Gen.G Esports. Image Source: Korizon

Sandbox Gaming defeats Gen.G Esports in a 2-1 series to complete their first LCK regular season. With Gen.G looking to cement themselves away from playing in the promotion tournament, the team brought out their all, taking the second game away from the top 4 team in Korea. However, Gen.G was unable to maintain its momentum, falling to Sandbox to conclude the match.

Riot Korea interviewed OnFleek following this match.

Tell us about your victory today!

OnFleek: Since it was our last game, we wanted to end it on a high note, and I am glad we were able to fulfill that wish.

Game 3 was going badly for you at one point. Were you worried about your chance of victory at the time?

OnFleek: When we lost the teamfight in the mid lane, we were worried since if our opponents got the Baron buff it would be quite hard to defend our base. However, Summit was looking at the situation in the bottom lane and said he could go and try to end via a TP play. So I was sent to Baron pit to try and stop them, which worked out well for us.

In the first game, you showed great performance on the Kha’zix. Since it’s not a champion that’s picked often, can you tell us the reason it was picked?

OnFleek: I judged Kha’zix to do well against Jarvan IV in the jungle, and since other, higher tier junglers were banned, I decided to bring it out in the first game.

There was a moment where you were able to find Kog’maw taking the blue buff, where you exclaimed “busted!” upon discovery. Were you expecting him to be there?

OnFleek: I went over there to counter jungle their blue side jungle when I happened to chance upon Kog’maw. I think I got lucky there.

Since Kha’zix was fed, you were seen keeping away two players at once in the mid lane fight. Were these kind of factors considered when picking Kha’zix?

OnFleek: After looking at their composition, I thought that, excluding LeBlanc, they would be unable to pose a threat to Kha’zix.

In the second game, Sandbox decided to bring out their subs. However it didn’t work out, and the team decided to bring out their starters once again for the last game. What kind of feedback was going on during that?

OnFleek: We prepared this beforehand as a team, but it didn’t work out. Since the main roster won the first game, it was brought up again the third game.

Was there any pressure on you going into game 3?

OnFleek: I thought that as long I did well, we would be able to win.

You showed great performance on Lee Sin in the third game, opting to take Conqueror as your rune of choice. Can you tell us why?

OnFleek: Conqueror is a popular rune choice right now, and its power increases as the fight goes on. Since I was going to be facing Jarvan IV, I thought the fights would be extended, therefore it was a rune that I found ideal.

Do you think the nerfs to Conqueror were sufficient?

OnFleek: Previously, I thought it was quite overpowered, but nowadays, I think it’s balanced.

Despite Kennen being a major contributor to Gen.G’s victory in the second game, it was not banned or picked by Sandbox in the third game. Was there any reason behind that??

OnFleek: First of all, when Summit gets to play Jayce, he has the confidence to win any matchup, no matter what champion he’s against. Because Gen.G is a bot-centric team, I don’t think much thought was put into Kennen.

In the early game, it was quite difficult for top lane, and it must have been tough for the jungler as well in that situation. What kind of strategies were used to try and reverse the flow of the game?

OnFleek: Honestly, since it was quite difficult, even if we played well, as long as our opponents didn’t make a mistake, it would be difficult. So we waited for [Gen.G] to make a mistake so that we could capitalize on it.

Sandbox’s decision to go for a backdoor play was quite amazing. Who thought of it?

OnFleek: The team was discussing whether to stop Baron or go for a backdoor when Summit said he’ll go for the backdoor. I think it was one of those rare circumstances where we were able to have the cake and eat it as well, with both the decision to stop Baron and going for backdoor working out.

Did you think you would succeed in your Baron steal attempt?

OnFleek: If the team is unable to stop the opponent’s jungler from challenging Baron, the smite battle would be 50-50. So, when I went for the steal, I just left it all to chance and prayed as I used smite.

Your presence in the voice comms has been quite the topic in the community. Why do you make dad jokes?

OnFleek: I think it’s influence from Ghost. He started it first, constantly making those kinds of jokes in our gaming house.

You will be facing DAMWON Gaming in the playoffs, in the Wildcard match. How will you prepare for the match?

OnFleek: Our standings dropped a bit in the second round, but we are still confident we will be able to do well against DAMWON and we hope we will be able to show good performance [in playoffs].

Any last words for the fans?

OnFleek: Thank you for coming to our last match [of the regular season]. In the future, we will try our best to show good performance and hope you will cheer for us more along the way. Thank you!


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