SKT Mata on facing Deft in his next series: ” I would like to go on an alpaca hunt once more.”

SKT defeats Gen.G Esports to retain their third place spot in the LCK. Playing methodically from the start, SKT concludes the day with a 2-0, keeping their hopes of advancing higher in standings alive, while increasing the gap between other playoffs hopefuls Damwon Gaming and Kingzone DragonX.

Riot Korea interviewed Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong following the match.

Khan, it has been a while since your last MVP interview. Can you tell us about your victory today?

Khan: I am glad that we managed to win 2-0 since we lost the last series 1-2. We were quite worried while preparing for this series as well, so it is a relief that we managed to find victory in the end.

Mata this is your first MVP. Any words for the fans?

Mata: Hello, I am SKT’s support Mata.

Any words regarding today’s victory?

Mata: We won our series cleanly with a 2-0 and having received MVP for the first time, I feel good.

Khan, you brought out the Fiora in the first game. Your last MVP was also on Fiora. Do you believe you are more suited to carry picks rather than tanks?

Khan: I think it is a misconception that people have forced upon me. I believe I am also good at tanks.

With Rek’Sai being unleashed in the early game, top lane looked comfortable [for Khan]. Can you describe your lane during the first game?

Khan: The lane was in a good state at the time, and with Rek’Sai revealing Olaf’s location, I was able to play comfortably.

There was a moment where you managed to get a kill on the Olaf.

Khan’s amazing kill onto Peanut. Image Source: Riot

Did you go up towards the wolf camp based purely on intuition?

Khan: I knew he was backing [in the bush near blue buff] for the initial attempt. However, for the second try right after, it showed the wolf camp as being up on the minimap. Therefore, I decided to go up wondering if Olaf was clearing it.

Khan’s senses are tingling. Image Source: Riot
There you are! Image Source: Riot

In the second game, you picked Riven, with which you got a Penta kill last year. What were the thoughts behind the pick?

Khan: I was unsure what to pick when the coaches and players recommended me to play Riven, which I was having good results with in Solo Q.

Mata, the bot lane match up wasn’t great for you early on [in the second game].

Mata: The Varus Galio bot lane is strong in the laning phase, but they tend to drop off as the game goes on.

There was a fight in the Dragon pit, where your engage was quite impactful. At first, it looked as if you went in too early.

Mata starting the fight for SKT. Image Source: Riot

Mata: Since there was a TP ward, I thought we could win even if I start the engage quickly.

Who usually shotcalls in during such fights?

Mata: Normally, everyone gives calls, but today, since I was on Alistar, I was the main shotcaller.

Mata, your next series will be against Deft. Deft said he is planning on revenge for the last series.

Mata: Since Teddy and I are doing well, I would like to go on an alpaca hunt once more.

Khan, any thoughts going against Kingzone DragonX?

Khan: I’m on good terms with my old team and I’m close with Rascal. I will be devising different ways I can cook him.


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