kkOma joins Vici Gaming

On the 17th of December, Vici Gaming announced that Kim “kkOma” Jung-kyun has joined the team as their new head coach.

kkOma has led T1 for the past 7 years, widely regarded as the most successful and renowned team in League of Legends histroy. With kkOma, T1 had conquered 3 World Championships, 2 MSI, and 8 LCK, a record that no other team is currently close to replicating.

As head coach of Vici Gaming, kkOma has been given a challenge like no other he had faced before. Unlike T1, VG had never reached glories that the Korean powerhouse had enjoyed. Instead, the LPL team is usually found amid the bottom ranking team of its league. Despite their many attempts to improve their standings, recruiting former World Champions such as Dandy, Mata, Easyhoon and Bengi, VG was never able to find consistency or results.

In addition to the recent signing of iBoy, former EDG AD carry, VG had also parted ways several players including their bottom lane Puff and Southwind. With this news, VG is once again signaling a roster rebuilding is in their future. With the creation of a new roster and the most accomplished head coach in League of Legends leading the team, perhaps 2020 will be the year of redemption for Vici Gaming.


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