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Khan on solo-killing the enemy Irelia two levels behind: “When you are behind, you have to go all-in.”

Congratulations on your win against Jin Air Greenwings! How do you feel?

Clid: I think we duly performed as we prepared. We did see some parts that we need improvement on, so we’ll work on that and come back even better for the next match.

Khan, you were having quite a hard time during the second match. How do you feel after that?

Khan: I think the opposing top laner was really energetic. I did have a hard time, but I think my experience allowed me to have the upper hand in the end.

Clid, you faced Seize in the jungle and you played well. Did you tailor your jungle pathing specifically against him?

Clid: I don’t plan my jungle route against a specific enemy jungler. We have a general game plan and I follow it.

In game one of today’s match, you executed the early-game jungle skirmish perfectly. Was it a pre-planned strategy?

Clid: No, I was preparing for the bot scuttle then saw the opportunity.

Clid, your kill participation is really high and your ganks are on point. How do you plan your ganks?

Clid: I think it would be different for every jungle…. but for me… it’s a corporate secret.

Clid, we’ve noticed that you’ve been playing jungle Urgot in the Korean solo ladder. What do you think of jungle Urgot?

Clid: I think Urgot lacks early game presence, but is very effective in teamfights. I think that he can make an appearance when we have a favorable draft.

Khan, how did it feel going against Irellia in match two?

Khan: When I missed my skill shots, I was thinking about whether I was getting too old for this job. But later on, I got back on track and won the 1v1, so I decided otherwise.

What was your general impression of the game tonight?

Khan: In match two, I never felt that we were in control of the game until we broke their Nexus. I think that the fact that we have a squad full of experience really helped.

Can you tell us more about your solo kill against Irelia when you were two levels behind the enemy top laner?

Khan: I always believe that when you are behind, you have to go all-in. I think I pulled it off pretty well.

Clid, you are really considered one of the best junglers this season. What do you think of the praise?

Clid: I’m not sure, I think my teammates are really helping me out throughout.

Khan: Clid is acting for the camera. He knows himself that he is good. But I have to say, he lives up to the hype. Overall though, I think he really is a treasure to the team.

What are your resolutions for the rest of the split?

Clid: I will not let complacency get the better of me for the last game of the season. I will do my best.

Khan: We can potentially reach second place if we win our last match. I’ll promise with my life that we can get second place.


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