SKT Teddy on Mata’s 6th year anniversary and winning LCK “before he goes to the army”.

SK Telecom T1 solidified their 3rd place on the LCK rankings by defeating Kingzone DragonX. SKT gave the first game up to Kingzone, unable to counter Kingzone’s three-Frostfang strategy. However, SKT was able to reverse sweep the series with a dominating lane performance led by Teddy’s Ezreal and Khan’s Fiora.

After the victory, Riot Korea interviewed the two MVPs of the series, Teddy and Khan.

Teddy, Khan, congratulations on the victory against Kingzone DragonX and securing the 3rd place! How are you feeling at the moment?

Teddy: We’ve returned to the stage after a break. We’ve worked hard and won as a result, so it feels good.

Khan: My parents are based in Jeju Island, which is quite far, and the tickets for Jeju Island had run out early. So I spent the break with my friends … Mum, dad, I’ll try to come home for the next holiday.

And Khan, you played against your former team, Kingzone DragonX. How did that feel?

Khan: It’s difficult to explain. Part of me wanted to beat them more than ever [since they are my old team], and part of me felt sorry once I had beaten them. However, I guess I am happier overall.

Did you get to talk to Rascal and Cuzz, your former teammates, or the coaching staff of Kingzone?

Khan: I bumped into [the players] at the waiting lobby. We just fooled around.

What did you guys talk about?

Khan: It’s a bunch of boys together, most of what we said was just swear words.

Teddy, Kingzone DragonX had prepared a Frostfang strategy. In Game 1, Kingzone DragonX played with up to three Frostfang items at once. Teddy, how was it facing this strategy?

Teddy: They were having a lot of fun with it. I thought to myself, what is this? However, I would rate it high because the items also let you ward more.

Teddy, you’ve now won MVP on Ezreal three times in a row. However, you didn’t take a Spellthief’s Edge yourself. What are your thoughts on Ezreal with Spellthief’s Edge?

Teddy: I’ve played Ezreal with Spellthief’s Edge in solo q, however, I haven’t played him with Spellthief in scrims yet. I guess he would be fun, good to play, good to place wards with.

Your play in Game 2 where you deleted the enemy Kai’Sa was especially memorable.

Teddy: I used W-E and she pretty much disappeared, yeah. Her health had dropped to 60%, so I thought if I used W-E-Auto, she would die…and she died indeed, it seems.

Cpt Jack at the analyst desk stated that it was impossible to go against Ezreal once the champion is fed. Teddy, do you agree with the statement?

Teddy: Ezreal and Tahm Kench, together, is indeed difficult to stop when they are fed together. However, if it is Ezreal just by himself he is a bit more manageable.

Khan, you had a great performance on the Fiora pick today. Can you tell us more about the Fiora pick?

Khan: At that point, we didn’t know if Viktor or Sylas was going to lane against me at the top lane. If I picked Fiora, I would have a hard time against Viktor if he was to come to the top lane. Yet, I was confident in my ability to play Fiora so I suggested to the team that I play Fiora

Your performance near the enemy Nexus was especially memorable. You were going against the enemy team 4v1.

Khan: I knew that Sylas could not mark me 1v1, so I shotcalled that I will be pushing very aggressively. If I applied pressure towards the enemy Nexus and the enemy team was allocating more people towards me, then the team could take advantage from other parts of the map.

Do you think you could have won the game by that point?

Khan: Yeah. I could have ended the game at that point. However, Sylas just had too many friends called over. I could 1v3 the enemy, but even Viktor turned up to stop me…

I hear that today is Mata’s 6th year as a professional player. Teddy, Khan, do you have any words for Mata?

Teddy: I remember looking up to Mata when I was a middle-school student, he is really aging now. That being said, we have to work hard so we might gift him a championship before heads off to the Korean military service.

Khan: Mata-hyung is quite old now, while I’m also the oldest top laner in the LCK at the moment. We are together on this oldie’s boat, aging away, so let’s take care of our health and finish this year smoothly.

There are only a few matches remaining on the first round. SKT will be wanting to climb even higher for the remainder of the spring split.

Teddy: I am a little regretful of the two losses we have had. We will work hard to try to finish all remaining matches with a victory.

Khan: I also am very regretful of our two series losses. That being said, everyone in the team is working so hard, Crazy, Haru, Gori, Effort, Leo…I’d like to use this opportunity to thank them.


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