SKT Khan on facing Rascal: “I think I was just the better top laner.”

SKT defeated Kingzone DragonX 2-0 to maintain their top 3 spot in the LCK. There were worries over their recent form in the past week, with their series loss against DAMWON Gaming. SKT, however, put to rest any concern the fans may have had with a dominant showing to end the week.

Riot Korea interviewed Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and Kim “Clid” Tae-min following the match.

It was a clean 2-0 series to close out the day. Can you tell us about your victory today?

Khan: I am happy about today’s match because we made very few mistakes in this series. I felt in our previous series our performance was improving bit by bit and I am glad it showed.

Clid you showed exemplary play as a jungler. You did well last series but didn’t receive MVP then. 

Clid: It has been a while since I received MVP, so it’s a bit different, but since my teammates are doing well to receive MVPs I don’t really mind.

In the first game, you used 4 bans on bottom lane champions and picked champions that excelled in solo lanes.

Khan: When we picked quite strong laners, we believed in our bottom lane to persevere. I think we were able to win thanks to our faith in each other.

Clid, your Lee Sin was quite notable in the first game as well. You mainly focused on getting your solo laners ahead.

Clid: While I could have tried playing through the bottom lane, I thought Sivir could farm it out. By getting topside ahead, I thought it would be more efficient overall.

Khan, you were quite ahead in the Jayce vs Vladimir matchup. At one point, you were ahead of Vladimir by two thousand gold. How were you able to do that?

Khan: Well the matchup was favorable for me, but I think I was just the better top laner.

The ending of the first game was spectacular. With Elder being contested on the right, SKT headed for Kingzone’s base, while Lee Sin and Alistar were stopping backs. Who was shotcalling during this moment?

Kingzone contesting Elder Dragon. SKT goes for backdoor. Image Source: Riot

Clid: I think it was Mata and me mainly. Other players were giving calls though.

Did you think you could end the game even when divided?

Khan and Clid: Yes.

Kingzone gets Elder Dragon buff. SKT gets 50 gold. Image Source: Riot

In the second game, Clid focused more on the bottom lane. Is it due to Deft picking Kalista, or due to the composition SKT brought out?

Clid: Our composition favored [pressuring bottom lane].

Clid you solo killed Kalista quite a few times. At some point were you given the role of dealing with Deft ingame?

Clid: He was in my sight so I punished him.

Your next series will be against Griffin. It is a tough matchup, but your performance has been quite good lately.

Khan: I am confident. Now that we have won 2 games in a row, I would like to find victory against Griffin to continue the winstreak. I will try my best to show good performance.

Clid: Like our Head Coach said in a recent interview, I believe we are slowly getting better, and it showed in today’s match. So if we play the way we do, I think we could win.


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