SB Joker on his mastery over Morgana: “Not many people play Morgana, so I believe I am the number one Morgana main.”

Summit and Joker are the MVPs of today's match against Hanwha Life Esports. Image Source: Korizon

Sandbox Gaming defeats Hanwha Life Esports, ending HLE’s dream of going to playoffs in the 2019 LCK Spring split. With one spot remaining for playoffs, and DAMWON Gaming and Hanwha Life competing against each other, today’s match was a must win for HLE. However, despite HLE’s best efforts, Sandbox Gaming was the one to claim victory, ending the series with a clean 2-0.

Riot Korea interviewed Park “Summit” Woo-tae and Cho “Joker” Jae-eup following the match.

Tell us about your victory today!

Summit: Our match today against Hanwha Life was an important one for us, and I am glad that we were able to win.

Joker: Since today’s game was quite significant for us, I was a bit nervous going into it. However, I am quite glad since the games went well for us.

In the first game, you played against the Jayce-Elise duo in the topside. There were worries that you would struggle in the early game, but you were able to hold out well.

Summit: Today’s concept with pick and ban was about sacrificing the top lane, and I think I was able to play my role quite well.

There was a fight to stop Baron being taken at around 30 minutes. In that situation, where your opponent could start taking down the Baron, your team was seen placing control wards constantly. What was the reasoning behind that?

Summit: Since we needed vision in the Baron area in order to contest with our jungler’s smite, we focused on having wards in the pit.

We saw many wards placed and destroyed during that moment in the game. Joker, you especially have quite a high vision score. Do you usually pay particular attention to vision control?

Joker: In that Baron contest, I was picked off beforehand in a weird fashion, so I was cheering for my team at the time. I wasn’t even looking at the Baron area, since I was afraid it would be taken [by HLE].

While maintaining high vision score, we saw quite a few moments of you giving up wards to be killed by your teammates instead.

Joker: It was my first time looking at that stat ingame, and I was surprised I was ranked first in vision. As for getting gold from wards, I usually give up control wards to my mid laner or ADC, since I don’t really need the 30 gold you get from it.

In the second game, you picked Morgana, which has been seeing play recently. What are your thoughts about the champion?

Joker: At first, I wasn’t sure if the champion changed much [after the rework], but I was planning on playing Morgana if she got buffed, which I was quite happy about.

In the contest for Rift Herald, your Morgana was quite impactful in the teamfight. It seems your playstyle works well with it. 

Joker: While some players prefer to stay back and support their team, I prefer to be at the frontline, using my ult and hitting my roots to engage fights.

You called yourself a Morgana master during the game. Are you confident in playing the champion?

Joker: I don’t know about other champions, but not many people play Morgana, so I believe I am the number one Morgana main.

We have one match against Gen.G remaining this split. If you are able to win, there is a chance you can end up in second place depending on other results. How will you prepare for the match?

Summit: Since Gen.G are doing well at the moment, we will try our best to win against them.

In that series, instead of the top lane being sacrificed, will we see you on carries again?

Summit: I am willing to play anything.

Joker, you would, of course, want to win your last series to end the regular season on a high note.

Joker: I really want to win, and would like to continue that into good performance in playoffs.


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