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Jin Air Greenwings Grace on breaking the losing streak: “Last year we only won four matches and still didn’t get to relegations. Hope is not completely lost.”

On the 7th of March, Jin Air Greenwings defeated Afreeca Freecs with a 2-1 victory, claiming the team’s first series win in 2018.

This is the transcript of the post-match press conference with Lee “Grace” Chan-ju, the mid laner of JAG, who was central to the team’s victory today.

You have finally broken your losing streak and found your first victory. I would like to ask how you are feeling at the moment.

Grace: Last year, we would win and the victory would feel so sweet, and…The memories of last year are finally coming back to me.

Previously, Jin Air seemed to suffer from synergy issues and shotcalls going amiss. How did you find the teamwork that you’ve shown today?

Grace: In the beginning, we were lost and everywhere, with no standards for decision making, we didn’t know where to go. Now, we seem to have found some sort of direction. I think it’s better than before.

It’s been a long losing streak. When you look back, how was this period for you? Was it a difficult time for you in any way?

Grace: Difficult…It was difficult. I tried to forget all of the past and just focus on the present, but…I think I’ve aged. I used to have a baby face, but now I’m here.

As you continued on your losing streak, maybe the team atmosphere dropped down. Maybe the conversations between the players have died down. What was the team house like?

Grace: Yeah, it’s true that the team atmosphere went down. However, we were losing because every single one of us was doing bad. You know, there is a saying, idiots are happy with each other. It was like that. The atmosphere among the players wasn’t too bad.

The team experimented with a few roster changes leading up to this victory. Would you say the roster that played today is the team’s starting roster?

Grace: Well…For now, it is. However, people have ups and downs, right? I’ve also been having ups and downs; I almost got subbed out. So I think the roster will continue to be volatile.

There aren’t that many matches left for the spring split. Yet, you’ve defeated Afreeca Freecs, who was also a team at the bottom of the standings. Maybe that will get your hopes up for escaping relegations. Would you say that is the case?

Grace: Last year we only won four matches and still didn’t get to relegations. Hope is not completely lost. However, this time, our match score is just terrible. I think we have to be lucky with [how other teams do], our own performance aside.

Looking back at this split and your losing streak, what is the most regretful moment for you?

Grace: It must have been against SK Telecom T1. I think that was our very first match. Perhaps our team atmosphere would have been different if we had won that match and we would have had a good start [to the spring split]. It was a close match, yet little mistakes all piled up and resulted in a loss, I’m regretful about that. Everyone was filled with hope back then [laughs]. Then the little spark died out. I think it was from then.

Do you have any final words for your fans?

Grace: Thank you for watching us. I’ll make sure we no longer give you a difficult time. We’ll work hard from now on. 


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