Griffin’s Tarzan on losing to Gen.G and Afreeca Freecs: “We observed that our teamwork was off and made sure to work on that.”

Tarzan and Chovy are the MVPs of today's match against Hanwha Life Esports. Image Source: Korizon

Griffin defeats Hanwha Life Esports to break their first losing streak of the season. With Griffin’s losses to Afreeca Freecs and Gen.G Esports, fans were apprehensive about their current form. However, they were able to put to rest any worries, closing out the series with a quick 2-0 to start off Week 9.

Riot Korea interviewed Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon following the match.

After your two losses last week, you managed to come back with a victory today [against Hanwha Life Esports]. There must have been a lot of thinking and preparation coming into today’s series.

Tarzan: After our losses, we gathered ourselves together, determined to regain our previous performance.

Which area did the team look to improve on the most?

Tarzan: We observed that our teamwork was off [in our games last week] and made sure to work on that.

Chovy you are back in first place in the MVP ranking. You must have been disappointed after last week. Were you okay?

Chovy: I really didn’t put too much thought into it.

After today’s victory you must be very happy. How would you assess your performance in the today’s match?

Chovy: The team as a whole did not make too many mistakes, so I am quite satisfied with our in game plays in the match today.

In the first game, Tarzan’s Jarvan was able to relieve pressure in every lane. Did you expect to be able to do that before the game began?

Tarzan: No, I did not expect that, but I did expect us to win the game [before it started].

Your level 2 gank was quite awe-inspiring, coming from the bottom lane brush. When did you start planning the gank?

Tarzan: I first started planning [the bottom lane gank] while taking down the Red Buff.

Now in the top lane, you were hiding in the tri-brush when you performed a prediction E-Q combo as Jarvan to get a kill on the enemy Kalista.

Tarzan: Since Kalista was constantly looking for an angle to flash, I thought Kalista would use flash at that moment, and even if it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have died, so there was no risk for me.

Weren’t you afraid your bot lane was in danger of dying there?

Tarzan: That’s why I was there to cover for them. Since Kalista was being a bit indecisive, I think we were able to get that kill.

Chovy, in the second game, you gave up Lissandra to the enemy team despite having a great performance. What are Griffin’s thoughts regarding Lissandra?

Chovy: Personally, I feel I play more comfortably when I’m in the same game with a Lissandra. So, I tried to either play Lissandra myself, or give it up.

It’s been said that Lissandra is a champion ideal for creating an even lane against most matchups. Is there any reason you favor playing against it?

Chovy: When I go even against my opponent, it will eventually become a skill matchup. From that point on, I am confident I can take advantage of any leads I get.

You picked Aftershock on Ryze today. Is there any reason you picked Aftershock instead of Phase Rush?

Chovy: When you take Phase Rush, no matter how quickly you free yourself from CC, you will die if you get hit by skillshots like Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave. With Aftershock, I thought I would be able to withstand the damage [from my opponents].

You were able to solokill the enemy Lissandra in the game. Though there was a mistake made by Lissandra, you managed to chase and get that kill. Can you tell me what happened there?

Chovy: Initially, I went over with the intention of stopping the recall, but then I saw the angle for a kill, and went for it.

With today’s victory, Griffin’s anticipation rises for Griffin’s next series. Griffin will be going up against DAMWON Gaming as their next opponent. If victorious, Griffin will be able to secure themselves first place in LCK. How will you prepare for your next series?

Tarzan: As long as our condition is perfect, we will be able to, while showing good performance in game, win against them.

Chovy: I always strive to be perfect in my plays, so I will be focusing on accomplishing just that in our next match.


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