Griffin’s Sword regarding Tarzan’s Baron steal against Sandbox Gaming: ” I did not imagine he would steal it, and I only have admiration for Tarzan’s talents right now.”

Sword and Chovy are MVPs of today's match. Image Source: Riot

Griffin defeats Sandbox Gaming to remain undefeated in the 2019 LCK Spring split. With the close series against SKT by Griffin this week, there were thoughts on whether the series would be another close Bo3. However, Griffin was able to methodically deal with Sandbox’s playmaking to finish the series with a 2-0. While there were moments of hope for Sandbox, ultimately no one was able to stop Griffin train.

Riot Korea interviewed Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon and Choi “Sword” Sung-won following the match.

Just a few days ago you faced SKT, and today you faced Sandbox Gaming. You went up against two strong teams in a row. Wasn’t it a difficult series of matchups for you?

Chovy: I think we just played the way we usually do.

Sword, you only had a one day break before facing another strong team.

Sword: We weren’t that nervous heading into the series and we got into the game with the mindset of doing well regardless of our opponent.

You received MVP for your performance in the first game, reaching 1000 MVP points. The champion you picked that game was Galio. Why was it picked early despite other high tier champions, such as Lissandra being open?

Chovy: With Galio, despite the nerfs, I was not afraid of falling behind in lane. And by picking it, I thought we could benefit in the draft.

How were you planning on playing the laning phase? The mid lane tower [on Griffin’s side] was taken down first as well.

Chovy: In the laning phase I was doing decently, and then the Herald was taken by our opponents. When they summoned Herald at mid, we made the decision to give up mid lane tower.

We will be looking at the Baron fight in the first game. We see Jayce being attacked here. If Griffin got a kill here, it would have been quite nice. What was the situation at the time?

Chovy: While I was pushing top lane, I thought that if I stayed top, I wasn’t going to do much, so I said I’ll go bot to target Jayce, and then join the team via TP if needed.

Tarzan stole the Baron using flash. Sword, do you happen to know why Tarzan used flash instead of plant or ult?

Sword: I did not imagine he would steal it, and I only have admiration for Tarzan’s talents right now.

In the second game, your love for Urgot continued to show. Urgot as a champion has been nerfed recently and judged as not being quite as good.

Sword: Urgot was a champion that used to be a go-to pick for a long time. However, after the nerfs, the champion’s early game suffered. However, with proper plays and rune setup as long as I go through the early game without a severe deficit, Urgot’s strength was going to be able to shine in our composition.

Urgot’s matchup against Ryze has been not been said to be easy. How were you going to play the matchup?

Sword: In the laning phase, I wanted to try and pressure, but it didn’t quite work out. In the top lane dive, if it worked out well, I thought we would have better results, which I thought was regrettable.

When Griffin was hitting the Baron, as soon as Sandbox came, you gave up Baron in favor of fighting and getting kills. Do you remember who gave the calls?

Sword: When Sandbox came, we all called to fight them. I just followed through by focusing on Yasuo.

Looking at the last teamfight, not many would have thought it was going to be the deciding factor of the series.

Sword: We all kind of saw how we could end here. Since they wouldn’t want to back off from there, and we can always start a fight, by constantly pushing and pulling them in we were able to benefit.

Chovy were you determined to go up to their base and end the game there?

Chovy: When I asked whether they can stop the backs, I got told they can, so we went for it.

Were there any words from the Head Coach?

Sword: I don’t think I played that well while my teammates did, but our Head Coach said my condition was top tier today, which gave me quite some motivation.

What do you think about your overall level of play today Chovy?

Chovy: I think I just did what I had to do when circumstances called for it.

Your next series is going to be against Gen.G. How will you prepare?

Chovy: We probably aren’t going to prepare anything special, but play the way usually do.

Sword: Since we are all of one mind, I think the same.


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