Former StarCraft player Hong “YellOw” Jin-ho: “Faker gets paid around 3 million USD + incentives”

Faker and Hong Jin Ho in a media photo shot, promoting a mobile game. Photo Credit: ThisIsGame (

Hong “YellOw” Jin-ho, a former StarCraft zerg player, has recently disclosed Faker’s paycheck.

On 11th of April YellOw made an appearance on MBC’s RadioStar, a Korean cable TV talk show Korea which different celebrities and professions make appearances.

“There is a gamer called Faker.” YellOw told, addressing the non-gamer hosts and the audience. “He earns 3 billion won as the base salary. If you include incentives like winnings, he’d be making up to 5 billion won per year”, YellOw told. 1 billion won is around 1 million USD.

“If you add incentives, it will be around 5 billion won” YellOw tells the hosts. Image Source: MBC RadioStar

YellOw drew comparisons to his professional days. “In my days, first place in a large tournament would be worth around 20K USD. Because I was one of the top players if I worked hard maybe I’d earn about 100K USD a year.” YellOw told the hosts, adding: “These days, 100K a year is easy”.



  1. And ninja is making 850k USD a month, on track for a million / month. Yellow the legend played in the ? wrong era if it’s about the Benjamin’s.


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