SKT Faker on Zed being recently buffed: “I think we will see Zed appear in the LCK earlier than Garen.”

SKT defeats Gen.G Esports to maintain their position as a top 3 team in Korea. At the center of today’s victory was, of course, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, who recently celebrated his 6th year as a professional player.

A press conference interview with Faker was conducted after his match against Gen.G on the 1st of March.

Congratulations on winning the match. How are you feeling?

Faker: After the match against DAMWON Gaming we had dropped to 3rd place, and I am happy to be on a win streak again. At the second round, we hope to aim for 2nd place and we will work harder so even first place is in sight.

In the audience, there were fans cheering for the fact you celebrated 6th year as a professional gamer. The time has flown fast.

Faker: Last week, Mata also celebrated his 6th anniversary and I felt a bit cheated from the celebrations. Still, thank you, everyone, for congratulating this anniversary.

I feel like I haven’t played that long. I feel like I can play for much longer.

The tactic that Gen.G brought to the table today was interesting. Roach, the top laner, and Fly, the mid laner, took turns to lane in mid.

As for the lane swaps, we saw that Roach played as the mid laner last time so it was a variable that we expected to happen. My impression on going against both Roach and Fly … Their characteristics as players were not too different, there were subtle differences in playstyle between the players. I’ve had situations before where the opposing mid laners subbed in mid-series, so it was not difficult to go against the [mid laners of Gen.G].

Zed has recently been buffed. What are your thoughts on Zed?

Faker: I think Zed will be usable depending on the situation. I think we will see Zed in the LCK earlier than Garen.

It feels that the second round will be even more competitive. Kingzone DragonX is surging up the rankings, and every match seems to change the rankings. What is your outlook for the second round of the spring split?

Faker: Even though we are in third place, it feels like the gap between us and the teams behind us has been closing up. From now, every match is important and we will have to prepare hard. As long as Griffin does not drop a series, Griffin will end in 1st place. So the match against SANDBOX Gaming will become very important.

The next match is against Kingzone DragonX who has been surging up the LCK rankings. What are your resolutions for the match?

Faker: It is a match that will directly impact the ranking, and I think the outcome of the match against Kingzone will become important for the rest of the second round of the spring split. We will prepare for the next match with our best effort.

Thank you for the interview. Do you have any final words?

Faker: It is my 6th year as a professional gamer. Some fans have been supporting me since my debut, while some fans began to support me from the middle of my career. Thank you for having supported me throughout all this time. Also, I’ve recently started a Twitter account; so please come and follow it.

Did you write the Tweets yourself?

Faker: It’s a secret.


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